A brief experience of timelessness

I experienced an amanita muscaria high back in November, and I remember I could somehow sense Adam and Eve waving at me, they caught my attention somehow, through space and time, cause I knew that they inhabit the timeless realm and always have.  I waved back to them, knowing to face south-east, cause that’s where Satan has resided now, for eons.  I had to write on the wall to prove to them that I knew what they were doing, and why. It was a simple, mechanical procedure, relying soley on the mechanics of the physical realm, but I just knew that for some reason it needed to be performed in order to ensure the rest of humanity catches on to what I had already knew at that particular point in time…that there really was no time, and all that ever was and all that ever will be has already happened, is happening right now, everything has already played out.  The Titans once knew this, but they fell down into denser reality anyway, for some inexplicable reason.  I also sensed that there was something there, some important entity, ephemeral in that present space-time reality, but then I sensed it leave just as soon as it had come, as if it knew that I was not ready for the higher spiritual doorways at that time, as I had vomited two or three times due to my failure to fast before hand.  I had learned after that trip to fast for at least two days, that way your body will be prepared to handle the drugs effects, and you can effectively enter the higher realms.


Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time (Original) copy

A vast and limitless dome of light stretches above, nothing but a blinding light, that in itself is pure consciousness, the sole embodiment of everything that ever was, and everything that ever will be.  We’re observing it as if underneath, where a vast and deep ocean inhabits an abyss which surrounds it.  It’s the abyss that’s its own unconscious, receiving the glory and love of its own awakened conscious, shining down, ebbing into a deep and murky blackness, of which a formless void will become terraformed into a concave paradisaical Earth.  But as of now, it is an unfathomably deep watery abyss, a murky, unconscious, and chaotic womb, that is bringing in the dawn of the first morning of Luciferian consciousness.