A fleeting thought on guns . . .

Perhaps this whole anti-gun agenda is a subconscious shift on the part of society in general towards our old, prehistoric way of life. After all, they say in the bible that in the final days, it will be like it was in the days of Noah, before the flood. Perhaps someday, we will see our battle-fields not bombarded by shells and rockets, but rather by blades, shields and the carcasses of dead animals. December 24th, 2012 has come and gone, and the ‘end of the world’ prophecy has apparently been fulfilled, and now, the world is evolving again, back into its original state. Guns are made from metals, of various elements, compounds and alloys. Swords, axes and other weapons of that nature are also made from these elements. We may understand them on a scientific level, and how to manipulate them in like manner, however, I know prehistoric man also understood them, but most likely on a deeper level, that we may not yet understand. Perhaps there was a lost art or knowledge pertaining to these elements, when it comes to warfare, that we have yet to gain back. Certain murderers even confess to taking a special sort of pleasure in the slower, yet messier process of sinking a blade into someones flesh, rather than the quicker act of firing a bullet into someone. There’s almost a ceremonial act of a spiritual transfer of energy, as there life is more slowly taken with the metallic blade rather than the metallic bullet.


I was thinking . . . .

How emotionally and socially detached I am. If you were to meet me in person, and had to live with me for a few days, you would find I’m hospitable, but passively unfriendly, meaning that I am almost impossible to befriend.  Not because I’m unfriendly, I am quite the opposite, I just have no desire to make actual ‘friends’ with anyone, and yet I am one of the nicest and easy going people you will ever meet. Meeting me in the kitchen, I may be fixing my meal and if you struck a conversation with me, I would engage in a good conversation, but once my meal was prepared, I would go on my way, back to my room, and all communication would be cut off once again, until I came back out to prepare my next meal. I have no desire to be social whatsoever, in fact, It makes me uncomfortable. Simply being around someone makes me uncomfortable. I would prefer to live alone, It’s like I have no feeling for others. Even though I do get angry, happy, frustrated and sometimes even a little envious, but when applied to camaraderie, friendships and relationships, or any type of attachment to someone else . . . . there is nothing there inside of me, it is blank, hollow. I still remember the day I was sitting on my biological mother’s lap, and I realized she was giving me up for adoption. I remember feeling angry for the first time, and I remember her crying. I could feel her warm touch gently against the back of my neck, but I did not look up at her, I remained facing forward, and stone silent . . . I gave no response back to her, I just sat there, seething with anger. That was the last memory I had of her, and I think that set the tone for the rest of my life, I would remain emotionally and socially detached from the rest of the world . . . . and yet, I’m aware of a certain aspect of the world that few know of. I think that is another aspect of God’s paradoxical nature. God is a dual paradox.

The most beautiful Earth you could never have seen.

In this YouTube video you can clearly see the decline in longevity, as the bloodlines continue on after the flood, that should be obvious to anyone who is aware of the damage that was done to the Earth, that human longevity was directly influenced by the Earth itself.  The more desolated the Earth’s meteorology and climatology became, the shorter our lifespans became as a result.  I think Abraham was the last prophet to really benefit from the Earth’s original state, as bountiful and paradisiacal as it was. as I know he lived for 175 years, no one lives quite that long anymore, he was one of the last to get a taste of the world as it originally was, and he is considered the patriarch of monotheism, I consider this to be the sign of a dramatic shift in human thought and consciousness from the way earlier human races perceived nature and the world around them.  When the lord created the Earth, he said; “Let their be a vault between the waters to separate water from water.”  This meant that the Earth’s meteorology was radically different, and there was an abundance of water below, as well as above the surface terrain of Earth.  The water below came with a soupy, swampy, sheet of algae.  Other forms of mega-flora could grow out of water as well as on land.   The ‘forests’ and ‘jungles’ were so lush and bountiful, and so gargantuan, that it may as well be best to think of them as looking like something out of a fantasy illustration, or a fictional movie, anything your imagination could conjure up in terms of just how ‘mega’ the flora really may have been.  The atmosphere of prehistoric Earth was more pressurized, there was more Co2 than there was oxygen in the air at that time, and if we were to suddenly enter this prehistoric environment, we would find to our horror, that we’d die within the short span of just a few minutes.  Yet, it’s been proven that plant life can actually thrive in environments with higher Co2 concentrations, and in fact, they grew faster, and larger.  So is it possible to make human cell cultures larger, with less oxygen and more Co2?  Is this how we came into sentience, entirely on our own? Great angels, or archangels do not need to worry about the pitfalls, or hazards of living in the flesh, because they are already eternal.  They found the trick to disguise themselves in corporeal nature.  After all, it is said that man was cloaked in a garment of light, in this case our ‘garment of light’ was our own flesh, and God cloaked us in the carnal desires of the flesh, to make idols of ourselves!  That’s what is meant with the saying, “God made us in his own image”.  We were the idols of God, himself.  ‘God’ bluntly tells us; “I am a jealous God”!  God does not want his idols to have idols of their own, because it would only lead to our self destruction, our self disintegration.  Even though it was the only way to become like the angels above; knowing good from evil.  We were already born ‘dead’ in flesh, yet alive in spirit, as a result of high Co2 and low oxygen.  We were born under something intelligent, and it ‘shone’ through, into physical reality.  Physical reality was its masquerade, one of great power and force, but also of great deception, and false-belief, spreading the lie that ‘there was no him, only us’, when in reality it was the other way around . . . this was the nature of the ‘demiurge’, that I say came into existence, when Saturn, and the Sun, formed as a binary star system.  The plant-life did not easily die either, as it does today.  Even ‘dead leaves’ that would fall to the ground would remain green,and they would not wilt.  This gave the illusion that nothing existed in a state of perceived linear time, as it does now.  There was more of a magnetic energy force exerted on the Earth, giving it a stronger yet more spongy ‘crust’, water would come out of the ground, creating greater life force, and greater abundance, and in turn greater size and strength.  Everything was amplified through a magnetic field, according to their physical manifestations, and very existence on Earth meant something entirely different than it does today.  Physical life was originally adapted to greater external pressure, given off by anything that could produce an electromagnetic field.  This fed a sort of ‘bubble’ within the canopy enveloped environment, a ‘clamor’, that I believe caused the canopy to burst, and was described in scripture . . . . .  We were his puppets, and we could not hear our own ‘clamor’, even though it became ‘great’.   We multiplied, and the clamor grew greater still, as we began to crash into each other, until our very reality began to disintegrate . . .  and now death comes much quicker than it used to.    Adam’s eyes were once described as ‘fiery’ and ‘flame-like’.  True knowledge does not speak, and true ignorance can only manifest through the mouth, words, and speech.  Originally, there was no speech, communication only took place telepathically.  This would also account for the lack of effective speech in an environment where speech would be very difficult to begin with.  As Earth’s meteorology slowly began to become more oxygen friendly, the climate began to drastically cool, this was especially after the catastrophic events recorded in scripture.  I can’t help but wonder if the Earth was so hot, that humanities insides where more plasma like in nature to withstand extreme temperatures.  Evolution over millions of years, from this original physiological state, to our current one today, I believe is possible.  And likewise, I believe we will begin to change back into this original, fiery, flame-like physiological state, which Adam and Eve were in before their fall.   It could account for their apparent immortality, when they inhabited the garden of Eden as angelic beings of Light, and perhaps the extreme heat which their bodies created, gave them a glow, which was knows as their garment of light . . . but what it really was, was their own aura’s being supercharged to the point where they were visible to the naked eye.   As we move closer toward that original state, the Earth will continue to grow warmer and warmer.  All sink-holes are doing, is helping to reshape the Earth back down to its original size, which was a little bit larger than the size of the Moon.  The poles are melting, and soon, the openings at both axises will become common knowledge, and we’ll regain access back into hollow Earth.  But just as scripture states, as we approach these times in the future, man will experience a holocaust like none before, and his numbers on the Earth will decrease significantly.  This will be the time of re-integration, the opposite of disintegration, and the inner Earth inhabitants will come out of their old world, which will no longer be inhabitable, and join us up here.  They will help us unite into a true global entity, no longer divided, but united and ready to join those within other galaxies.  During these future times, every soul reincarnating back to Earth will find themselves coming back into larger and larger human bodies, and some will share these giant bodies with other souls who operate on the same vibrational frequency, while others will be spiritually evolved enough to inhabit these giant bodies alone.  But I believe it will be through some technological breakthrough in how society lives within its natural environment, that will cause our eventual evolution from corrupted thought, speech, and physiology.   There are a few who excel, and inherit the qualities of their ancestors, going on to become extraordinary  artists, athletes, scientists, or some other celebrity, but many of them are cast down buy the very Luciferian system of order which cast them up, into the spotlight, before they could finish making their marks on society.  Many of these these victims were artists in the music and film industries, who were taken out because of their extreme loyalty to the same forces which our giant ancestors once worshiped; that creative force of intelligence which permeates us all round.  The corrupt forces which manipulate the world did not want them waking us up, from our numbed down state.  We cannot tread any further into the nature of death, we’ve come to know it well, through all that we’ve become capable of doing to each other and through all of our collected previous lifetimes.  Without realizing it, we’ve already begun following God back up the latter of life, and the eternal abode that was Eden on Earth.  And the royal bloodlines, which can only exist in a perverse state of contradiction today, will unmask their disguise tomorrow, and their true nature will be revealed to the world.  It is already happening, and society is already becoming more aware of the secrecy, lies, and deception, of the corrupted blood-lines, who’ve traded their morality for wealth and riches.  These corrupt families, tribes and nations, were destined to establish  power, because they were the misplaced tribes of Babylon, who have been trying to rebuild their ‘tower’ in the form of a new world order.  It has governed the very way we think . . . until now.  It has used money as its form of control and order, which in the eyes of its people, has become a glimmering and radiant light, for where temptation treads, the desires of man will always follow.  However, where there is only good, very few, if any will come across it.