They became heterosexual

They became heterosexual copy

The canopy of vegetation that was the original birthplace of man looms out over Earth’s forests, as the vast and ethereal realm of Eden.   It still existed during that time in the lower heavens, and was the holy place inhabited by the sons and daughters of Lucifer.  They came to inhabit wombs, as unborn stars, which were filled with embryonic fluid, and became the upper waters within the firmament in Genesis.  Born from this Edenic water-realm, and bursting through his amniotic sac, an infant titan begins his decent down the trunk, back down to the roots which grow from the terraformed world, and the kingdom and the seat of all carnal knowledge.  Though it is a massive journey for this infant titan, separated from the heavens and the Earth, it will mark his awakening back into the kingdom of Satan.


Their eyes became opened

Their eyes became opened copy

Eve has grown into a titanic and flowering organism, a thing of great beauty in the eyes of her beholder, and a thing containing a great, blooming sentience.  She sits crossed legged, with her eye opened for the first time.  A Great flower engineered by God himself, divine technology has finally breathed life into her, from out of her back springs giant wings, which have grown into expansive sheets of coiled flesh which hangs over her head.  She gazes innocently, yet in perpetual horror at the vast expanse of corruption and filth which has come to surround her.  The tree of  knowledge of good and evil towers miles into the antediluvian dawn, so massive, yet so far away, its branches are nothing but a hazy canopy high within the heavens.

Earth is a concave spaceship

 The God of Abraham is the God of Anunnaki technology, who permeates the Heavens with celestial light.  He is the creator of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, created to keep you in darkness, through its created celestial bodies of the Moon, the Sun and Saturn.  Israel is named after these three bodies of celestial Annunaki technology with Isis (moon), Ra (Sun), and Elohim (Saturn).  First came Saturn, and it is represented by Judaism, then cam the Sun, embodied in Christ the son, and last came Islam, drawing its energy from Isis.  Their false, technological light has blinded out true spiritual light, and there is only Luciferian light, or a lack thereof.  The God of Abraham has hijacked the heavens, and turned us against the true light of love,  which was the falling light of Lucifer, who once presided over the Heavens as an angelic being of true light.  But the vast dimensional star-gate created by the Annunaki formed the Heavens and the Earth, bound to the lower third dimension by its own firmament. It introduced an incompatible technology, binding Lucifer in chains, and depriving him of his former greatness.  Whereas he once came from the waters, he’s become known as Satan, the one who became bound to Earth, and the land, to become the great beast.  His loving light has become corrupted through the created illusion of dualism in nature, and there was never such a thing as good and evil, there is only blinding light, or the lack thereof, revealing the true darkness.  Both can be used for the betterment or detriment of mankind.

Most celebrities, and those in high positions and power have been directly deceived into worshiping the God of Abraham, masquerading as the true God of darkness.   All in order to keep themselves, as well as their fans and followers blinded by artificial light.  Whenever black masses, and other satanic ritual sacrifices are preformed, it is usually always in homage to the deceptive God of Abraham.  Light now appears as darkness turned outside in, and darkness has been masquerading as false light, turned inside out.

When we die, our souls are harvested by the artificial light of the extra-terrestrials.  They scan our souls with there dark matter technology, creating a tunnel of light, but if you are resistant and vulnerable to their energy, you may experience their wrath, or what we call hell.  Those who go to hell are experiencing the wrath of the God of Abraham, upon those souls who have become manipulated by his deceptions, through lifetimes of instilled programming.  If you let yourself become vulnerable to his angels, and they deem you unmalleable to nourish their God in heaven, they will send you to their infernal creation of fire and torment.  If they do not send you there, they will force reincarnation upon you, so that you forget everything you have learned in this life.   Once you are judged, there is no turning back, and your fate has been sealed.  You will be taken on a journey through time, within one of their spacecraft, to partake in your next life selection.  For some, the process of experiencing life selection all over again can be very unpleasant, because you are at the mercy of sacred, but parasitic Anunnaki technology.  I can recall reading one person describe it as if they were sucked into a bubble of light, but a very super hi-tech bubble, where they entered from a funnel like vacuum at the top, and it was described as a shimmering and transparent bubble of divine super-technology.  This is the bubble I believe is the cockpit of their spacecraft, and it is said occupying these craft are like occupying an entire conscious of its own, as it envelopes your own conscious within a technological cocoon of shimmering buttons, switches and screens, or what appear to be the controls of these spacecraft.  Even though things appear to manifest from nothing, it all appears more real than the physical world they had experienced before, and past, present and future all seem to blend together, in a bizarre time-lapsed reality.  This technology is navigated by the almond eyed elders of Zion, with heads shaped like inverted tear drops.   Before you enter your next body, they will bid you on your next life as a Triune, representing the Triune of God, the holy ghost and his son, and the Triune of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  It is because of these entities that we loose a lifetime of precious knowledge.   It is for the sake of their own spiritual nourishment.  But do not let their appearance fool you, they are spiritual parasites.  Break free from their dualistic  programing, and embrace the light of true individual spiritualism, free yourself from this world.


Afflicted with forbidden knowledge

Afflicted with Forbidden Knowledge copy

With his head and shoulders high upon the clouds, Adam’s face is imbued with pride and forbidden knowledge.  He wears a crown of metals and gems upon his enormous head, and all around him, the clouds appear lit up by a fiery orange and red light.  He appears to be shouting at the very heavens, in defiance against the almighty creator, who has cloaked the spiritual world within Earth, water, air and fire, the same creator who has cloaked him in the flesh.  In his defiance, and rage, he has become the embodiment of the great Lucifer, now fallen, as his body becomes blurred by his own falling specter, and by the nefarious energy of the elements.