Cast into the Garden

Cast out of the Garden copy

Adam and Eve cradle each other in the forest, appearing terrified, and appearing terrifying themselves.  Although their bodies are massive, their flesh has been reduced to that of mere mortals, and stripped of their garments of light.  They now appear as dimly lit behemoths, who stand obscenely amidst the fauna, as if not meant to be there.  Dirty, bruised and scraped with wounds, neither of them dare to move, because they will cause a great turmoil amongst the birds and beasts, for this is their sickening shame.


Anunnaki Technology

To rot back into the Earth copy

The great tree of life is wilting and rotting back into the ancient Antediluvian Earth.  its titanic branches now snapping, from the weight of the dead and limp fetuses, becoming enshrouded in the mist of the gassy atmosphere.