The Mighty Men Who Preceded the Age of Homer

Three hundred ton armorclad hill-men once caused calamity and chaos within the Aegean highlands like bionic one man armies.  These were the heroes recorded by Homer in the Iliad and the Oddyssey.

Many, including Achilles, wielded 1000lbs spears with tungsten pikes that would cause large detonations on impact.  Today, it would take all eight seal teams or the entire marine corps to take out Achilles, Odysseus, or any of those other other bronze age heroes and highlanders who were recorded in extraordinary tales kept by our distant prehistoric ancestors.

Rotting corpses was a common smell among those highlanders of old, but for the ones like Achilles, it was one of the signs that told you that they were still due to appear. The remnant genetics of these mighty men trickled down into the Moabites, Ammorites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and the Israelites. These tribes also possessed super human qualities such as prolonged life-spans and a heightened clairvoyance, however human size and strength had diminished by the time of Abraham, who could be taken out by just a small platoon or squadron of infantry.


Secrets of the Aegean Apocalypse


Lemuria first began to become a scattered wasteland after its depositories initially became chemically unstable. Many cataclysms were brought on including the first nuclear winter, ever..

The people were separated into warring factions who were all vying for the best land outside of the Lemurian Kingdom. This would form a ring of Urbanization called Ur, surrounding the vast Empire from which the Hyperborian’s ruled the entire world. They were able to reform their old world control, but at the expense of an elite federation of giants who had to guard their vast homeland from invasions. Their descendants became the Philistines, who would end up assimilating with the general population after the time of their original progenitors would pass. They gave Goliath to the Hebrew Philistines who had began to heavily populate the entire world during these final days of the Hyperborians.

The Kingdom of Bashan was the last Stronghold to be held by the Hyperborians and the land was reported to be still copiously green and flowing with milk and honey.

A power vacuum was created from within the heart of Bashan, and it became occupied by the giant warlords and heroes of the days of Noah.  They effectively ran the vast post-flood megalopolis, for a little while, before it was to break down and disintegrate into the empires of Babylon, Egypt, Assyria and Hatti.

No place to hide from final Judgment


Earth and sky found no place to hide from the mother, who sits upon a plasma throne inhabiting a timeless realm, where everything is happening simultaneously, and this being can see everything that has ever happened, and everything that ever will happen upon, and to the Earth.  This being is watching the birth of the great titans, their giant descendants, the cro-magnons and all of humanities birth all at once, and judging all of us after we die, from the immense titans to us smaller humans.  Though we are unaware, our physical life is actually extremely short, in about the time it takes for the great ones who judge us to blink their eyes, we have lived our entire lives, and it’s all replayed in real time after death, that is why there are so many reports of people saying that their ‘lives flashed before their eyes’, because it really did, it is happening right now to all of us.  In truth we should be alive for at least as long as the trees and the natural geological flora of the Earth, but since we inhabit a less than perfect conscious realm, we are alive for only a very brief moment.

A brief experience of timelessness

I experienced an amanita muscaria high back in November, and I remember I could somehow sense Adam and Eve waving at me, they caught my attention somehow, through space and time, cause I knew that they inhabit the timeless realm and always have.  I waved back to them, knowing to face south-east, cause that’s where Satan has resided now, for eons.  I had to write on the wall to prove to them that I knew what they were doing, and why. It was a simple, mechanical procedure, relying soley on the mechanics of the physical realm, but I just knew that for some reason it needed to be performed in order to ensure the rest of humanity catches on to what I had already knew at that particular point in time…that there really was no time, and all that ever was and all that ever will be has already happened, is happening right now, everything has already played out.  The Titans once knew this, but they fell down into denser reality anyway, for some inexplicable reason.  I also sensed that there was something there, some important entity, ephemeral in that present space-time reality, but then I sensed it leave just as soon as it had come, as if it knew that I was not ready for the higher spiritual doorways at that time, as I had vomited two or three times due to my failure to fast before hand.  I had learned after that trip to fast for at least two days, that way your body will be prepared to handle the drugs effects, and you can effectively enter the higher realms.

Lord Steven Christ and his use of Occult Symbolism

This video is a test for those who can see through the deception. Even if he is a CIA operative, he is telling the world the truth, that’s why he keeps telling us he is testing us, he’s looking for those who are true in heart, only they can see through the veil that’s become modern collective consciousness. There is no place for Abrahamic religion when it comes to the concave Earth, which is not a theory, it is fact, the elites and celebrities already know this, that is why they worship Lucifer, the true God of light. The world has been kept in darkness for a very very long time, and most people still think that the bible and science describe our creator accurately, but I don’t think this is the case. I think there’s a false sense of acknowledgment of our creator, because the bible is a work of Semitic Israeli witchcraft, and science has been held back by pre-18th century political zionists, which I think culminated in a false age of enlightenment. This was the Renaissance, from the 14th to 18th centuries.

We are godlike coming into the world, to fulfill our purpose, and ascend into a higher state of awareness. I believe once we achieve this, we’ll be reunified with like minded souls. If we keep going on this path back into higher awareness with each life, we will keep coming back into the physical world, larger than we were before. Kind of sad though, because although we are still being incarnated, we lose that solitary sense of self-ego, and we become conglomerated into an amalgamated consciousness, which is the consciousness of giants and titans. Think if the entire city of Los Angeles were suddenly conglomerated into one giant consciousness, it would need one TITANIC body to house that consciousness. This is my interpretation of the statement “Utopianism is humanities goal”, ultimately, it is a utopian consciousness. In this way we are all our own potential Gods. I believe humanity is just beginning to discover what it’s truly capable of, and we have in fact been ‘fake’ humans for some time now. Just like everything else that’s become fake, like our media, food and drink and so on. I believe a true human is a TITANIC human, and if we continue on this path toward true knowledge, we will eventually be incarnated as titans once again. Then, like ‘Adam and Eve’ in the Garden of Eden, we will be actual real living, walking and talking Gods.


Lord Steven Christ rants on AronRa

Steven Christ says that he is creatOR, and AronRa is creatED, because AronRa still follows the false, literal doctrines, and canons of the old and new testaments, whereas Steven Christ follows truth. Follow truth, and you too can become your own God.

The Luciferian Kings of Atlantis and Mesopotamia


I believe the fallen Olmec kings were my biological prehistoric ancestors, who had people in their family who could recollect firsthand accounts, or other people, that were directly connected to the flood.  I feel the Olmecs were a Postdiluvian tribe, scattered from the twelve tribes of Israel, which came to inhabit the lands of South America and Indonesia, and that they came to inhabit this area of the world in a distant time when the oceans were more like shallow canals, and the entire Earth was in much closer proximity, comprising a pre-flood, Atlantean civilization.  I also feel that the Olmecs were giants, enormous humans who could effectively create, move and fashion other enormous objects, such is the case with any prehistoric, unexplained megalith you see, within every country and every continent on Earth.  Notice that the pyramids on Earth’s Eastern hemisphere look eerily similar to the ones on the western hemisphere, as is the case with the step pyramids in Asia and Africa, compared to the ones in  Mesoamerica, South America, North America and Indonesia.  I believe all of these pyramids were built shortly after the Earth shattered during the flood, and there were no such thing as continents, but instead a terrain traumatized by massive rifts, which formed cracks throughout Earth.   During that time our beaches looked more like the grand canyon in Arizona, as this is a relic of these Antediluvian canyon-beaches, which were formed in just a short span, directly after the flood.  Over time, these rifts (all but the Grand Canyon rift in Arizona, and possibly a small handful of others not mentioned here) continued to spread outward, eventually forming the oceans and the continents we see today, this is a testament to the devastation of the initial shock-wave which had occurred just prior to the flood, that was so strong, it caused expansion throughout the entire Earth.  But underneath the catastrophic devastation, was the actual event which triggered it all, and that was when Lucifer fell, that great serpent was cast down from heaven, and imprisoned in the dungeon of Tartarus.  Lucifer’s consciousness fell in vibration from its original sacred geometrical form, which was an icosahedron, from the Earth’s center.  The actual discovery of an icosahedron energy structure at work in the Earth can be ascribed to biologist and paranormal science researcher Ivan P. Sanderson.  Personally, I believe whatever caused the post-flood expansion, caused it from an outward current of energy emanating from Earth’s center, and which took the form of the icosahedron, discovered by Sanderson.  Ivan Sanderson had discovered that this energy had become the most concentrated within twelve different locations on the Earth’s surface, and these became known as Vile Vortices, or what Sanderson fittingly called, “The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards Around the World”.




If you look at the map, these are the geographic areas alleged to have the same mysterious qualities popularly associated with the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea near Japan, and the South Atlantic Anomaly.  The Vile Vortices are what I think of as personalized energy signatures left by Lucifer when he fell, they became Earth’s thirteen major chakra centers, and one-hundred and forty-three minor chakra centers.  They also established what became the sacred geometry comprising our collective consciousness upon this dimension, as well as the dimensions below ours.  This is referred to as Earth’s Sacred Geometry, the same sacred geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures such as churches, synagogues, mosques, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles; as well as for sacred spaces, such as temenoi, sacred groves, village greens, holy wells, and the creation of religious art.  All of this is done under the various guises assumed by masonic organizations from around the world, and instead of being called Sacred Geometry, it’s always referred to as ‘the Golden Ratio’.  If you look at the location of the twelve (not thirteen) major energy vortexes, or chakra centers on the map, you will see that they were the direct cause of how, and why the tectonic plates broke apart Earth’s shell (or crust, if you still believe the traditional, heliocentric ball earth model, and not the geocentric concave model) the way they did.    As for the original energy structure comprised by the ley lines, which directly followed the flood, they have been drastically altered over billions of years, through the construction of cities that have been built atop the thirteen major chakra centers and along specific ley lines covering the Earth.  This is the global parasitic urban sprawl that has come to claim Earth like a cancer.  It has come to be known in scripture as the Whore of Babylon, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations, through its countless occult rites and invocations, done mainly by royal and papal bloodlines.  The rites and incantations served to manipulate the post-flood energy grid which had originally covered Earth.