Lord Steven Christ and his use of Occult Symbolism

This video is a test for those who can see through the deception. Even if he is a CIA operative, he is telling the world the truth, that’s why he keeps telling us he is testing us, he’s looking for those who are true in heart, only they can see through the veil that’s become modern collective consciousness. There is no place for Abrahamic religion when it comes to the concave Earth, which is not a theory, it is fact, the elites and celebrities already know this, that is why they worship Lucifer, the true God of light. The world has been kept in darkness for a very very long time, and most people still think that the bible and science describe our creator accurately, but I don’t think this is the case. I think there’s a false sense of acknowledgment of our creator, because the bible is a work of Semitic Israeli witchcraft, and science has been held back by pre-18th century political zionists, which I think culminated in a false age of enlightenment. This was the Renaissance, from the 14th to 18th centuries.

We are godlike coming into the world, to fulfill our purpose, and ascend into a higher state of awareness. I believe once we achieve this, we’ll be reunified with like minded souls. If we keep going on this path back into higher awareness with each life, we will keep coming back into the physical world, larger than we were before. Kind of sad though, because although we are still being incarnated, we lose that solitary sense of self-ego, and we become conglomerated into an amalgamated consciousness, which is the consciousness of giants and titans. Think if the entire city of Los Angeles were suddenly conglomerated into one giant consciousness, it would need one TITANIC body to house that consciousness. This is my interpretation of the statement “Utopianism is humanities goal”, ultimately, it is a utopian consciousness. In this way we are all our own potential Gods. I believe humanity is just beginning to discover what it’s truly capable of, and we have in fact been ‘fake’ humans for some time now. Just like everything else that’s become fake, like our media, food and drink and so on. I believe a true human is a TITANIC human, and if we continue on this path toward true knowledge, we will eventually be incarnated as titans once again. Then, like ‘Adam and Eve’ in the Garden of Eden, we will be actual real living, walking and talking Gods.



Lord Steven Christ rants on AronRa

Steven Christ says that he is creatOR, and AronRa is creatED, because AronRa still follows the false, literal doctrines, and canons of the old and new testaments, whereas Steven Christ follows truth. Follow truth, and you too can become your own God.

Secrets Of Beer Exposed

Maybe they’re putting ingredients in our beer to enhance our vulnerability to demons.  I have noticed whenever I drink, then go to bed, the next morning, either right before I wake up, or right as I wake up, I have a bizarre nightmare or vision, or I hear something strange, but it’s like an extremely audible dream, where you think you’re hearing something, but it’s actually just your own mind.  Maybe I am hearing something, maybe we are capable of tapping into other dimensions in a half sleep, half waking state, then it would make sense that only I could hear this particular demon, and no one else.  Last year I was in a half-dream state, just about to wake up in the middle of the night, after having a dream about maggot like creatures in my stomach, I know part of it was my declining health, but the dream itself was different, it was not like a normal dream. Then I had a really visual dream of a demon face staring back at me one morning, just before I woke up. And now, these past three days, I have been drinking, and hearing a bizarre hacking, choking, vomiting voice just as I am waking up! It is a horrible sound, and I keep thinking its the guy living underneath me, but I came to the conclusion that it was once again my own mind, and the fake beer I’ve been drinking these past three days.

Saturday, October 31 update:  I just overheard the man living underneath me outside,  talking to his housemates outside, and he just said that he has been smelling something strange, in the van he has rented!  He says it smells like a dead animal, or like shit, and it keeps getting worse, and he does not know what it is!  This man is a alcoholic, and I believe he is smelling the same demon that I was hearing in my half sleep, half wake state a couple days ago, and It may be getting ready to take him! Let us hope that is not the case.

water, vibration, memory, consciousness and human emotions

This video helps to also explain the reason behind the war-torn middle east, in that it is very hot and while it may be humid, most of the water is localized within the atmosphere, and the land remains dry.  There is very little to no rain, and although most people think the middle east is all desert, while there is some desert, there is also a lot of very dried out water-depleted country-side, where it should look more like the South-East United States.  I have been over there personally, serving two tours in Iraq, and I have seen for my own eyes what the country-side actually looks like, there are a few trees and a lot of grass and plants, its a very old country side, and for some mysterious reason it has been terribly depleted of water, and everything has become dried out, lifeless . . . and violent.