Out of the slime of the waters

Out of the slime of the waters copy

A titanic Neanderthal, or Sasquatch has begun forming itself out of the slime of the Earth.  Her body has begun forming out of the clay and rocks of the cliffs, which have formed above the beaches of the towering tree of knowledge.  She has already acquired full sentience, yet, she cannot move, she can only observe the world around her, through wide, gaping eyes, as she continues to manifest into flesh and bone, over a great length of time.


Concave Earth; the inter-dimensional spaceship

Many, if not most of the canons in the Bible, and especially the new testament, were written to trap you into their mental programming of fear involving the afterlife. There should be no fear involved with the afterlife, that is simply something they use to trap you into their finely spun web of deceit.  I think true hell is a dark, but peaceful resting place where those who have mastered themselves spiritually eventually find themselves.  But another celestial hell was created for those becoming prey and sustenance for whatever is using us spiritually, this is the hell of fire and torment.  It is a God of fire, and it seems to manifests fiery realms as a primary means of maintaining its own existence, or internal operation.  It needs us in hell to continue to fuel itself, and that’s why I believe those who sacrifice others, especially through burning, will themselves have to pay the ultimate price by experiencing the celestial hell of spiritual fire after they die.

But I was thinking, what if Earth is actually a spaceship of some kind that needs fire to run, or a living organism that needs fire to breath. if you take the concave Earth model and study it, you might see what I mean. Earth is a hollow sphere, and we are living on the inside surface, so this would make our world concave. At the very center is a watery sphere where the stars are, and its said to be a watery heaven, or celestial ocean populated with countless balls of light created from imploding bubbles after strong emissions of sound. What if in the beginning, man was created simply as a tool, but he was a tool with divine knowledge of the true nature of Earth, that it was an organism or craft of some kind, and that it needed fire to survive, and he was simply created to help fuel it with that fire, and to be the one to nurture and maintain the Earth. At this time, I imagine their might be very few stars at the center of the Earth, and the order of planets would be vastly different, because man was not bound to the laws of Earth. At that time, his energy could not be manipulated by the angels who operated the physical dimensions at that time, and when he died his soul returned to be joined with it’s creator who was Lucifer, not God. And he became a demon after he died, once again free to roam the underworld, without fear of any kind.

I think the angels who have been piloting this primal craft are the Reptilians, they’ve been known as a malevolent extraterrestrial race who feed off humans as sustenance.  They may have been created as angels of light, but I think they have become corrupt, or at least the element of corruption now appears to us, because at one time, we existed in much better physiological and spiritual condition, it’s just that the Reptilians, even though they were still malevolent then, had no influence over us at that distant time, during and after Genesis.  Perhaps at that time we were the pilots of the Earth, and the angels were the navigators, and over time there was a conflict, war ensued, and struggle of control over this inter-dimensional craft eventually gave way to the Reptilians.   We became navigators and no longer pilots, until we finally had no control over the Earth at all, and now it has been completely highjacked by corrupt angels inhabiting the shell, and what is on the outside is anybodies guess.  I believe these fallen angels, or Reptilians, are guarding the dimension known as She’ol, or Hades in mythology.  These are dimensions where every soul must return, or pass through, before their final destinations.  Perhaps these lower ‘infernal’ dimensions are external of the Earth universe, which encloses its own internal dimensions. We comprise the one just beneath the shell, a dimension not entirely ethereal, but not entirely physical either, like the shell, because it’s comprised of both land, the top surface of the shell, and the air which comprises its environment. But it’s important to remember this is unique to this dimension only, and I believe the elements which comprise our dimension are responsible for individual and collective human consciousness, and the consciousness which comprises both the animal and plant kingdoms.





Noah got drunk, but not like us…

When the larger humans of prehistoric times took drugs, it affected them differently, because they were taking in much larger quantities.  I’m getting drunk at this moment, and I was thinking about Noah, and how alcohol may have affected him, opposed to modern humans.  Some say Noah was the inventor of alcohol, and I believe he was a big producer of wines, and became addicted to alcohol in his old age.  They were already in tune with things in nature that we are not, so when they got drunk, everything was heightened, or highlighted by the alcohol, but I know their experience of being ‘drunk’ was more likely much more pleasurable than even our own best memory of being under alcohol’s influence, because they were already experiencing things in nature that we no longer experience due to our loss of active DNA.

Fed off the light of the Sun

Fed off the light of the Sun copy

This is the second Titan to appear in this story, she is supposed to represent a hybrid chosen race, created with the help of the Reptillians. It is this race who the Reptillians purposely engineered, genetically, to be more spiritually malleable than their untamed predecessor, Sasquatch/Neanderthal.