The Giants of the Bible are returning to Israel.

  Jesus died for our sins as a mortal man, but was brought back from the dead as a resurrected embodiment of prehistoric fourth dimensional man.  It’s like a prototype of what humans will evolve to in the future.  Our sin was misunderstanding the mysteries of this higher realm of conscious, being ignorant and without the presence of his glory in our lives, because this means we are are no longer in his original image.  An entire human race became extinct, by dying spiritually and falling into the lower realms of dense matter and mind, and overpopulating the world with shrunken humans.  Smaller bodies are a cause of being cut off from spiritual self from a deep immersion of spirit within physical form.  This has lead to a weakening of our giant forebears spiritual electromagnetic fields, and in turn causing a chain reaction of weakening further down, into the very sub-atomic structure of what has become third dimensional matter.  Today, the angels have immersed themselves so deep within matter, most appear to have shattered into multiple weaker energy fields, inhabiting multiple people.  That Angel or Demon which you are a part of will soon be pieced back together spiritually and physically in fourth dimension, and with your close, energetically compatible soul-mates, you will be ascended, back into higher more extreme states of awareness.

  If Humans want to evolve with Earth, from the dark dense pool of matter that is the realm of rational thought, back into the higher realms of intuition and clairvoyance, they must accept Christ in his resurrected form on this world.  The first ones who are of true Christ consciousness  will come to inhabit Israel, and establish their kingdom upon it’s ruins, but it will be a real Kingdom meaning it’d not only recognize its territorial reign but also the spiritual reign or authority of God within.  Humanity cannot evolve without Earth’s primal evolution, and Earth cannot evolve without humanity following.  This would include reading minds, teleportation, levitation and astral projection.   In the literal sense, this will mean a much larger physical brain and central nervous system, large enough to fill the entire bed of a pick-up truck.  Smaller brains are capable of this too, just not to the same degree as larger ones.  The brains of ancient hero’s such a Achilles, Odysseus, Heracles, and Diomedes were of  the smaller brains that were capable of tapping into Christ consciousness, they used their knowledge and abilities on the battle-field and became renown.

  As for Earth herself, she would be lifted into the fourth astrological dimension of consciousness, causing flora to grow in abundant and copious amounts never rotting or wilting, and fauna to grow to gargantuan sizes.  The kings and queens who’d reigned shortly after the lifespans of Adam and Eve had ruled kingdoms existing in excess of a million years upon Earth.  When these great rulers died, they would die upon their thrones falling into a deep and permanent slumber, and their bodies would harden to stone.  If not for the global cataclysm of the flood, and the damage it ensued upon Earth’s landscape, we still might be seeing these giant stone relics today.  The ancient line of Seth and Cain descended from these ancient and mighty men, who in turn descended from a very high, and ethereal realm which has its roots in the big bang.  It started off within a dimension so high in vibration only God himself  was aware and cognizant.  This extreme state of perfection was a symbiosis of every dimension that has existed below as it was all brought together in a  harmonious awareness profound in site, sound, touch and smell.  What became of its physical aspect was an unfathomably super-massive black hole, created by the sub-atomic force of dimensions upon dimensions of consciousness all harmonizing simultaneously.  A black hole so large, it was born out of the collapse of space and time holding together the entire universe, in what could only be described as a big crunch.

  What we perceive as imagination and fantasy is really our distant and faded spiritual memory coming back to haunt us.  The giants of old where just a distant bygone relic of what had transpired in a much older time, a time period no scientists could possibly fathom.  Fourth dimensional Earth came colliding with its own third dimensional reflection, that was an astronomical collision with the planet X of the ensuing dimension, this created the Earth of today which has been stripped of its ice and water canopy, and it’s higher balance with the rest of the cosmos.  It wasn’t only Earth, it was Saturn, the Sun and the Moon, and every other celestial body in our galaxy, God had  fallen back to sleep.  Like an amoebae contracting and expanding again and again, It became less aware again, spreading back out into lower and lower realms of vibration.  Dimensions were again inhabited by his ministering angels, then those angels began to accommodate lower realms for the angels incarnating into more physical bodies such as the giants, much later.  As the universe continued to spread out into the void of thoughtlessness, it fell lower and lower in vibration over the eons, becoming more and more physical toward its outer fringes within dimensions one, two, three and four, so that it was not only a slumbering being of consciousness but a slumbering being with an external physical celestial body, realms which were dictated by the time and space which ruled the rational mind.  The realms which humanity once dwelt have long been forgotten.  These thoughts are now played out in its dreams, in the form of physical life, but it has always existed, both in its timeless ethereal mind, and in its linear physical unconscious, because both are mere reflections of the other in a cyclical dance of waking in a big crunch, and then falling back to sleep again in a big bang.  It can be likened to us waking up everyday only to fall back asleep and dream about the days events while we were awake. To God, we are like the billions of braincells relaying that information back to the unconscious mind during sleep.  We’ve been inhabiting this realm, so that God can learn more about himself, aspects that are out of range of his own conscious awareness, and then relay them back to him after we depart.


Bill Maher – The mass delusion


I believe we’ve devolved from giants, not evolved from apes.  It’s a scientifically proven fact organisms can grow larger with a steady supply of more carbon dioxide into their environment, today there is more Co2 in the atmosphere than ever before in recorded human history, and more babies being born that are exceptionally large.  I believe Global warming is about the Earth ascending, physically, mentally and spiritually.  As Earth ascends on the physical dimension, it will split into two separate dimensional worlds, on a sub-atomic level.  And the atoms comprising everything on the material world will become positive and negative charged ions, with the negative charged ions being left behind on the third dimension, and the positive charged ions to become merged with the fourth dimension.  This is what I believe will be the Rapture, I will try to explained it as ‘pseudo-scientifically’ as I can, but others more knowledgeable in atomic structures and their chemical elements will probably find this to be utter nonsense, but again, this is as best as I can describe what I believe will happen when Christ consciousness begins to manifest within those who choose, and do not choose to fully embrace it.  I believe the ions more negatively charged, with more electrons will comprise what will become of our third, more material dimension, and that more electrons will create more friction, and more heat, thus contributing to ever worsening Volcanism upon the Earth, and leaving those continuing to blaspheme God behind, to literally burn in hell.  It could be at this point, when our denser third dimensional Earth becomes plagued by this volcanism that humanities chance for redemption will come to an end, and their ‘spiritual’ hell may become permanent.  Because, the electromagnetic fields within and around each of our physical bodies will continue to mimic the nature of it’s physical host, until it becomes either fully electric, or magnetically charged.  This could be a super-natural characteristic of dark matter, which I believe our own electromagnetic fields are a part of, but with their own free will, apart from the dark matter comprising the rest of the universe.

As for Earths spiritual ascension, I believe it also works fundamentally on a subatomic level.  The laws of physics could work vastly different upon the fourth dimension, allowing for a vastly different subatomic structure of all living and non living things, again, this could be allowed because dark matter exist within everything, and we still have yet to discover the true nature of dark matter.  This could allow for, perhaps matter on the fourth dimension, to be comprised of little to no electrons in their subatomic makeup, thus fulfilling the separation of electric and magnetic polarity from the third to fourth dimensions, and above.  After all, basically the entire mass of an atom is within it’s nucleus, so who is to say a higher form of matter cannot exist within the higher fourth dimension?  This is what I believe will be an extremely gradual shift into the fourth dimension, over the course of thousands of years, maybe even hundreds of thousands of years.  And, as this gradual shift occurs, humanity will evolve into a higher species of giants.  But the evolution will be very selective, like I said before, only those who make a conscious decision to embrace this higher truth will make this leap after death, or for the few, sometime during their physical lives, upon Earth.  For most in our current time, it can be said that they do not believe in the spiritual realm, because we are seeing a vast rise in Atheism worldwide, before our very eyes, and this will only worsen for a short time, until those who chose to embrace this great deception find themselves trapped, only to experience various forms of turmoil upon a world which will become increasingly inhospitable . . . this will be the old, third dimensional world which God will abandon, to suffer a fate of great tribulation.

 …Thousands of years from now, our current mainstream theory of evolution may be seen as an ideology that’s become backwater and dated, like the idea that the world was once flat, or Earth was once the center of the universe.  But my feeling is just as we’ve forgotten that our distant ancestors were giants, our distant descendants will have forgotten that we were but a minute fraction of there size, and the idea that Earth was once overpopulated by miniature humans will seem just as ridiculous as the idea that there were giants millions of years ago.

Edenic Paradise

Edenic Paradise(lowrez)

Adam, the first man, towers under the looming ice-crystal veil enveloping prehistoric Earth.  Appearing as an angelic and titanic apparition, featureless and without any sense of self, his chakras glowing, radiating, and connecting to mother-nature in a dazzling kaleidoscopic array.  It is his great impersonal ego, emanating a rainbow of hues out into the copious mega-flora.  On all sides, he is surrounded by all of Earth’s creatures, as if under their watchful protection.