Disregarding God’s Warning

Disregarding God's Warning


*  Eve kneels within a landscape dominated by megaflora, so vast it vanishes into the misty atmosphere, miles into the sky. She appears in her mid twenties, and the enormous cigar shaped mother-ship still floats high in the sky, about a mile in front of her hulking, mist shrouded form. It hangs eerily silent, now an enormous convex canopy, overgrown with moss and vines which hang down just above the expansive clearing where she kneels. For over two-hundred years it has been filling her with curiosity, and she has finely decided to open the vessel to see what’s inside; To her shock, hundreds of dragons, and bat-like creatures violently fly out of it, with such force it creates a gust of wind compatible to a mild wind storm which blows her hair back. They spread themselves out in all manner into the pristine environment, like caged demons, finally freed. These are the demons that will birth all serpentine creatures, great and small.



Protector of the Damned

Resurrecting a dead wizard, a fallen convent is reacquainted with an element from their shrouded past. But he no longer serves to protect them from evil, now they use him to seal their fate as slaves to it, bound eternally to its chains of damnation.

This is an old story I wrote in 2008, and originally planned to illustrate it, but ended up collaborating with artist Ferdee Bamico in 2009 instead.  Here is the final product, I am happy with how it came out, and hope you enjoy it.


Sibling of Adam

Sibling of Adam

A panoramic scene of Earth’s lush terrain seen from miles above, looking down upon the  opening of the north pole.  It’s a ring of giant trees that stretch out for hundreds of miles, marking the opening to an expansive middle Earth, where the trees only grow more titanic.  So large that they conceal a whole other world of murky darkness, under its unfathomably enormous canopy of vegetation.   They hover into the sky like strange vegetation clouds, acting to further shield the Earth from the Sun.  A titanic humanoid reptilian comes crashing out from the dark, murky undergrowth world, shielded with dense vegetation.  It has nested itself at the poles where the fetuses grow, and abducts them to preform cannibalistic Saturn blood rituals.  It is another primal manifestation of Lucifer upon the face of the Earth.  This horrific abomination is surrounded by giant reptile fowl, and other dragon-like birds and beasts of the air, which swarm around him almost like insects.  Two enormous Ciakars accompany him, flying above his shoulders.  The sun is very bright as it shines down upon the outer surface of the vegetation canopy, but underneath it’s cool and dark.