Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time (Original) copy

A vast and limitless dome of light stretches above, nothing but a blinding light, that in itself is pure consciousness, the sole embodiment of everything that ever was, and everything that ever will be.  We’re observing it as if underneath, where a vast and deep ocean inhabits an abyss which surrounds it.  It’s the abyss that’s its own unconscious, receiving the glory and love of its own awakened conscious, shining down, ebbing into a deep and murky blackness, of which a formless void will become terraformed into a concave paradisaical Earth.  But as of now, it is an unfathomably deep watery abyss, a murky, unconscious, and chaotic womb, that is bringing in the dawn of the first morning of Luciferian consciousness.


Lucifer Descended

Lucifer Descended

A dark and sprawling abyss of dense water, vegetation, and algae, with titanic blades of grass rising hundreds of feet from the antediluvian ocean floor far below, and covering the underwater landscape for miles out.  It’s a utopian water realm, filled with bright green light and illuminating a beautiful mega-flora paradise for the great angels, who will soon come to inhabit it.  These are the very first plants, and the very first blades of grass, which have become Lucifer’s outward conscious manifestations, forming the vast and dark depths of the prehistoric terraformed concave Earth, and Lucifer’s own, fallen consciousness.

The chosen people of Jehovah (revised)

The chosen people of Jehovah copy

Dwelling in the great mining trenches of  the posh Garden of Eden is the blue skinned titan, Jehovah.  Working all night, under a starless sky, he now casts a great shadow upon the face of the dawn, appearing monstrous, and a thing of dark, enigmatic magnificence, he carries upon his back thousands of tons of mined gold, to claim as a  birthright to his descendants, and promised by the great Serpent, in exchange for their sovereignty over the land of Ethiopia.

Eve (Revisited)


Eve towers into the sky, even as she sits, illuminating the forest with her light.  She’s draped in a gown, that bristles in the winds of the antediluvian vacuum, and she plays a giant golden harp.  From the tops of the highest trees, the great incubus spies through invisible eyes, on daughters such as her, born from mighty men of old.

Cast into the Garden

Cast out of the Garden copy

Adam and Eve cradle each other in the forest, appearing terrified, and appearing terrifying themselves.  Although their bodies are massive, their flesh has been reduced to that of mere mortals, and stripped of their garments of light.  They now appear as dimly lit behemoths, who stand obscenely amidst the fauna, as if not meant to be there.  Dirty, bruised and scraped with wounds, neither of them dare to move, because they will cause a great turmoil amongst the birds and beasts, for this is their sickening shame.