Strange Bible Verses Never Preached


The ‘law’ Christ fulfills is the law of the natural world, which once came with punishment if you did not obey it, it was probably very difficult not to obey it, since it was a built in instinct humans once had.  But the world as it was in the days of Adam and Eve is no longer how it is today, therefore, Christ came to redeem modern man from the sin of being incapable of upholding ourselves to the original laws, because it is a form of corruption all modern humans are born with.  Ancient prehistoric man was once capable of, and more than likely, always upheld their duties to these laws, which came in many forms.  It was the gifts they were born with, they were to uphold and hone these gifts, no matter how immoral or righteous it may have seemed, because it was the work of God.  Therefore, it was part of their everyday lives and disobeying or neglecting them meant degradation of body, mind and spirit.  Many of the ‘laws’ mentioned in the Bible came from the Hebrew bible, which follows worship of Yahweh, but I feel Yahweh is not the true God, but one in disguise, who deceives all of the nations, and the entire world.   Therefore, it would make sense for such laws, because they did not come from God, the God of the Abrahamic religions requires the sacrifice of animals and humans, this is not a God of mercy, and this is not a good God, I believe sacrificial acts are purely for Satanic purposes only.  Our entire society is run on a corrupt, sacrificial system of Satanic worship.  A God which would tell Moses only that “He is what he is, and that is all there is to know about him”, is a false God, promulgating deception.  ‘I am what I am’, and ‘Do what thou wilt’ are similar canons, coming from the same Satanic God of Abrahamic religious faith.  The true God was the God which once dwelt in the Garden of Eden, this God created all creatures equal, and no creature required the blood of another to sustain itself, all creatures lived in harmony with each other.  The Old Testament was said to have been established around the 3rd century B.C., around the time the Roman Empire first began forming into a regional Italic civilization.  This converted them from paganism, where one could be their own God, and likewise be worshiped as one by others, to ‘Christianity’ as they would begin turning into a full fledged empire.  But it was not true Christianity because they would also come to worship Yahweh, after the siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD.   Rome finally took over the appointment of the High Priest,  after Jesus Christ was crucified at the request of the Pharisees.  There was a huge gap of missing information regarding Jesus after his death, because the Romans, with the help of Paul, were replacing his God with their own, by writing Yahweh’s laws into the original Christian scriptures. They had come to corrupt almost everything Christ stood for.


Technology and architecture of the distant past…


These giants first came upon the Earth billions of years ago.  Back then, Earth existed on an entirely different plain of time, space, reality and consciousness. It was the fourth dimension, not the third, as we live in now.  The fourth dimension held a higher state of vibration within every atom, allowing for life to grow to enormous sizes, and to exist without deterioration or decay, thousands of years longer than today.  The laws of physics were much different.  This is why we have difficulty understanding how the dinosaurs survived being the different sizes and shapes they were, fourth dimensional time and space could allow for some amazing things, things which are no longer possible now.   The fourth dimension was an earlier, less corrupted state of God’s consciousness, which preceded our current time-space and conscious reality.  Things manifested much quicker on the fourth dimension, Lord of the Rings, Grimm’s fairy tales, and the Disney cartoons, were all based off true fourth dimensional history, which occurred in the distant past, but erased completely after the flood.



  I believe there was once a real life Drekmore Castle, with a real life Duke Sigmund Igthorn inhabiting it, at one time, who perhaps, really fought a race of fierce creatures, who were half human, and half bear.  If one were to see how this real life Drekmore Castle may have truly appeared, it would have boggled the mind.  Being as it was built by giants, it would have towered miles into the sky, so large that it could be seen hundreds of miles away, and it would have appeared very hazy, due to its sheer size, and the misty atmosphere.  These structures which once existed are no longer remaining, largely from the geographic damage of the flood, but also because they simply existed too long ago to remain as they once were, the forces of nature, such as shifting tectonic plates, mountain formation, and volcanism have helped to completely erase them, over millions of years.



However, there are still some amazing super megaliths in Gornaya Shoria, Southern Siberia, that look to be authentic remnants of fourth dimensional architecture!  Aside from the fourth dimension, there were many more dimensions which preexisted the fourth, and held even more perfect states, originating from the big bang.








Petrify and Disintegrate

 Petrify and Disintegrate

 A titanic cyclops, made of the earth and trees and bathed in the light of Saturn, towers into the sky.  Entirely petrified, with his enormous cranium adorned in a giant Ciakar’s nest.  Those perched upon its cooling, molten-rock head, conducting all manner of wicked and sacrificial acts.  Its cavernous shoulders, cracked, with steam rising out of them, are met with a falling torrent of pestilence and filth.  It’s massive and sinewy shoulders bind the heads of Adam and Eve, to what’s become its petrified arms, plunging down to the distant ground.  Beginning to disintegrate, and take the very fabric of time down with it.  Plants and vegetation growing from their bodies gradually becomes less, ever deeper, into third dimensional reality, until their feet become broken up, with exotic metals and gems, and the very subatomic structures that comprise their bodies begin forming the beaches and sprawling metropolises of today, at its furthest fringes;  Down there, Nimrod, and the Whore of Babylon, raise their glasses, over-brimming with tiny, naked people, drunken with the sensory illusions of what will become the modern world.  Both, giving Illumination to the world, through the mano cornuto.  The Seal of Solomon adorns their necks,  joining the upper and lower frequencies of awareness, at the Cyclop’s groin.  From here, a small pantheon of female deities emanate out, into a downward spiral, standing at the center of their own empires, once risen, but now fallen.  Beginning with Ashtoreth, the Goddess of fertility, sexuality, and war, followed by Freyga, Anahita, Ishtar, Astarte, Frigg, Sin, Hecate, Diana, and Quan Yin.  At the very bottom of this descending spiral, into denser and denser reality–the Virgin Mary, towers within the city of Jerusalem, cradling her newborn son in misery and anguish.  Although given new life, he was born to be brutally sacrificed.  Born into a prototype of man’s final shrunken form, he begins his descent into hell.  Blood drips from his body, pooling up, ultimately, forming crimson rivers and canals.  They flow out, separating the scattered cities of Babylon, between rivers, seas and oceans.  Now, inhabited by pirated freighters, transporting illegal goods; the perpetual birth of modern, shrunken man.  The Baphomet rules these crimson waters, with the signs of the Sabbatic Goat, over-looking pocked, pitch-black lands, devoid of light.  Down here, only currency, corporate logos, and national emblems illuminate this dark sphere.  The illumination of a massive Star and Crescent upon the black landscape.  Saturn’s reflection still illuminates even the deepest depths of the valley of darkness.