The Fall of Adam (revisited)

This is the revamped script to the earlier version of The Fall of Adam, it was done after teaming up with artist Brennan Rudd.  If you click the link you will find his work on DeviantArt.  I had reworked this script to specially suit his work, but instead only managed to scare him away.  Nonetheless, this more story-book friendly script would become the template for my later version,  The Disintegration of Eden.  This secondary follow-up to the original Fall of Adam was written while on my second deployment to Iraq in 2010.  I re-wrote this version to incorporate the nephilim as primary subjects of the story, and as a result, is much darker than its original version.
The first half deals with the extraterrestrial background, and hybridization programs that are a conglomeration of different sources taken from various sites.  I’ve included as many back-links to the original information as I could, to credit their original sources:…………


PANEL ONE: Half of Eve’s face. Takes up the whole left side, and has a transparent quality.

PANEL TWO: A spherical 12 helix DNA. It appears to spin, and as it spins the helix strands unravel and fall apart.

CAPTION: Eve’s Tree of Life DNA has been decoded by the Anunnaki. And they’ll render her ten spiritual DNA strands obsolete, leaving only two operational.

PANEL THREE: Eve appears to be falling through an endless void. There are twelve points of light that radiate from her body, but their energy appears to be diminishing.

CAPTION: Her ten spiritual DNA strands will lose contact with her chakras, which served as links through the chakras to the energy web outside her body.

PANEL FOUR (flashback): The Sirian genetic engineers who created Adam, extract a small sliver of bone from his rib, in order to create Eve.

CAPTION: Eve will lose her vital life force, and her immortality. And her life will become like that of our own, one subject to expiration.


DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD: We see Eve, gasping in shock, as she awakens from anesthesia. She’s been lying within an open, artificial cocoon, covered in a clear pink, slimy substance. She tears an extraterrestrial respirator from her mouth, still clearly disoriented. The light in the room is so bright, that it’s hard to see, and she is surrounded by the Anunnaki, who committed this act of spiritual murder.

CAPTION: Through her husband, Adam, Eve will engender a civilization inherited with displaced spiritual DNA. But through this genealogy, YHVH will bless us with the biological light codes that will give us the highest opportunity for accessing and developing that which was taken away.

CAPTION: It’s through the subtle energy of these dormant spiritual genes, that the memory of our true past can be accessed, and our deep rooted feelings of separation can finely be confronted.

CAPTION: For it’s because of our separation from YHVH that we’ve been made to create experiences and situations designed to give us the highest opportunities for spiritual growth. We’ve handpicked our own DNA structures for the opportunities to reactivate and reawaken our lost Lyraen spiritual heritage.


PANEL ONE: A beautiful, otherworldly city of spread out domes, set within a lush rolling landscape of bright green grass. A distant sun radiates glowing beams of golden sunlight upon the city, as it prepares to set beyond the horizon. Lyraens converse, play and go about their daily peaceful lives. A few distant Lyraen spacecraft can be seen, gliding two and fro within the light-pink sky.

CAPTION: The Lyraens were the original humans, a race that lived in peace–

PANEL TWO: The Lyraen civilization is under attack by a descending fleet of Anunnaki spacecraft, that shoot bright beams of destructive electromagnetic energy upon the scattering Lyraen population.

CAPTION: –Until they were brutally attacked by the Anunnaki.


PANEL ONE: A large fleet of Lyraen starships disperse from an enormous galaxy, somewhere in the far reaches of our universe.

CAPTION: The surviving Lyraens dispersed from their destroyed homes on Lyrae, to the Orion, Procyon, Antaries, Tau Ceti and Arcturus star systems, among others.

PANEL TWO: Several enormous Lyraen starships descend upon a fertile and prehistoric Martian landscape.

CAPTION: In our solarsystem, the Lyraen refuges colonized Mars, and another little known planet called Maldek. Leaving behind over 50 million of their fellow deceased–

CAPTION: –all of which were slaughtered by the Anunnaki.

PANEL THREE: A series of nine or ten blended frontal views of a Lyraen face, evolving into a completely different breed of Lyraen. Skin tone turns from bright white, to more earthly. Blonde or red Hair begins to grow thicker from his/her scalp, and eyes grow smaller, less almond shaped. More human-like irises could also evolve within his/her eyes.

CAPTION: Over the eons, the cultures of the Lyraen colonies on Mars and Maldek degraded as a result of life in foreign environments. And their mind/soul frequencies began to align themselves more with the physical, and less with the spiritual.


PANEL ONE: A leader of a colony of highly evolved Lyraens, within the Sirius star system stands before an enormous formation of fellow Lyraens. They belong to the Galactic Federation.

CAPTION: However, the Lyraen race would eventually transgress, to no longer value the philosophy of building upon ones own power and authority. They would carry on, to form an alliance called the Galactic Federation.

CAPTION: The colonies belonging to the Federation vowed to maintain their newfound spiritual identities, and no longer associate with the old way.

PANEL TWO: A violent cosmic battle of warring starships, shaped in the form of disks. They shoot beams of destructive energy toward one another in a nightmarish torrent of dazzling light.

CAPTION: And together, the Galactic Federation managed to repel the Anunnaki attacks.


PANEL ONE: We see a Martian landscape ravaged by their warring Maldekian neighbors.

CAPTION: However, the Martians and Maldekians would fall into a war over planetary resources, unable to join the Federation. And they became two of three Lyraen groups considered extremist by the rest of their Lyraen cousins.

PANEL TWO: A planetary sized Ice comet leaves the ravaged atmosphere of Maldek, causing the planet to explode. While at the same time, ripping the atmosphere off the planet of Mars, and pulling that planet further away from the sun.

CAPTION: For this reason, the Anunnaki turned their insidious agenda toward their warring colonies. For them, the two civilizations would be easy to divide and conquer.

PANEL THREE: We see the long necks of a family of Diplodocus, as they graze off the tops of the prehistoric vegetation. They all look up into the sky, at several descending spacecraft that have entered Earth’s atmosphere. They appear to fly towards the Earth like comets.

CAPTION: The third renegade Lyraen race were the Atlanteans, from the Pleiadian star system. They to were black-listed by the Federation, and sentenced to live with the Anunnaki on Earth, who ravaged the Martian/Maldekian colonies.


PANEL ONE: Any concept dealing with the following captions.

CAPTION: These Anunnaki had developed an outpost on Earth’s other super- continent, Lemuria, To launch future attacks on the surviving Martian colony.

CAPTION: But since a scorched Martian atmosphere had forced Maldekian refugees to live underground with their martian enemies–

CAPTION: –They too were deported to Earth, once again leaving the Martians to live amongst themselves. Albeit, upon a destroyed world, no longer suitable for terrain life.

PANEL TWO: The pre-historic terrain of Lemuria being bombarded by the electro- magnetic pulse charges of the Atlantean techno-craft from above. They strike the war- torn terrain, killing any Dinosaur life that may be in their path.

CAPTION: The issue of the growing Dinosaur population presented the catalyst that would cause the Atlanteans to fall into a major war with the Anunnaki. When the Maldekians were to arrive, they attacked both Lemuria and Atlantis, wiping out most of the dinosaurs in the process.

CAPTION: Even the Martians attacked the Anunnaki from space, because, like the Maldekians and Atlanteans, they too were seeking out a Reptilian-free environment in which to live.

PAGE NINE (full page):

PANEL ONE: We’re inside an otherworldly council chamber, that appears not to be of the physical dimension, but purely of the spiritual, where pure ‘thought’ makes up images, colors and sounds. Three Sirians sit in the midsts of an oval ‘room’, they’re the official representatives of the Hatona inter-dimensional diplomacy pact, surrounding them in the hundreds. The three in the middle have an almost light golden skin, and they’re mouthless. The surrounding Sirians, are all smaller, with glowing white skin. The walls seem to ‘shimmer’ and ‘breath’ with a life of their own, and lights can be seen through the walls, as if they were partially transparent.

CAPTION: It was then, YHVH held an inter-dimensional diplomacy council in the Andromeda Galaxy, on a planet called Hatona. For the purpose of stopping the fighting, and making Earth peaceful enough for re-colonization.

CAPTION: To the inhabitants of prehistoric Earth, YHVH’s agents of divinity would become known as the Hatona Council. And their Garden of Eden outpost on Earth would ultimately become a lost relic–

CAPTION: –deluded to an obscurity in the genesis chapters of Earth’s biblical account of creation.


DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD: Hatona council engineers that have settled in the Sirius star system genetically engineer Adam’s embryo. They appear to be inside an alien laboratory within some type of space-craft. However, it’s so bright that it’s very difficult to make out their surroundings. Adam’s fetus has been sealed in a liquid tight, artificial womb, and they’re inserting nano-needles that pass through the womb, into Adam’s prenatal brain. Anunnaki from Lemuria, and Lyraens from the Galactic Federation are present, observing Adam’s developing fetus with approval. Before them is a holographic interface projecting Adam’s higher order DNA, and a projection of the elementary particles in ancient Hebrew.

CAPTION: YHVH’s Hatona Council convened for many decades as the fighting continued. And finally, with their intercession, an agreement was reached between the Lyraen factions and the Anunnaki Earth colonists.

CAPTION: The agreement stated that a new breed of humanity would be created on Earth that would contain the DNA of all interested parties who participated in the peace process. And a designated area on Earth would be set aside for the creation of this new species.

CAPTION: However, the Anunnaki of Lemuria agreed to this only under the condition that the reptilian body be the foundation for this new being. Thus all humans have reptilian DNA, with reptilian traits, and why human fetuses go through a reptilian style development in the womb, before looking humanoid.

CAPTION: Aside from this, other hybrids were developed. Their remnants are seen today as the Bigfoot and Yeti of North America and Asia, the Aborigines of Australia, and the Pygmies and Watusi of Africa.


PANEL ONE: It’s night-time, and Sammael descends from the dark grey skies above, toward the glowing form of Eve, who approaches her spacecraft. However, we can only see the form of his large wings, and maybe the front of his beak.

CAPTION: It was the Reptilian aspect of our DNA which gave way to a Reptilian mind pattern once the Anunnaki killed Eve spiritually. And it was the upper caste of the Anunnaki, the royal Ciakar High Order who carried out this deed.

PANEL TWO: A very close shot of Eve’s upper body, as she looks behind her, toward the descending wickedness that is Sammael, however, we cannot see him. In her face is nothing but love, and warmth.

CAPTION: For they are the administrators of all wicked deeds done by the Anunnaki on Earth.






FULL PAGE: Adam stands in the center of a glowing white circle of light. Sirian Hatona Council engineers and oracles surround him on all sides. Their stature is like that of children.

ADAM: Ly oh-eh Adameh.

CAPTION: “My name is Adam. The one who likens himself to YHVH”

CAPTION: “Through control of the flesh, I’ve grown an unlimited bounty of fruits, like the Earth from which I was created.”


PANEL ONE: Zoom out to see that the bright circle of white light is shooting out from the bottom center of a large, glowing techno-craft. And it appears to be ascending into the air.

CAPTION: “But my wife has failed in her flesh, and has turned her back to the Father.”

PANEL TWO: Zoom out further, and the glowing techno-craft appears to be ascending out of the top of an enormous domed structure, through a perfect hole at it’s center. We can begin to see the blue sky outside, and there are no clouds. They don’t exist yet.

CAPTION: “The peace pact has been broken, not only by my wife, but by the Anunnaki who deceived her.”

PANEL THREE: The glowing disk has exited the massive dome structure, which turns out to be the mother-ship of the Hatona Council Hybridization Program. It sits within a vast and lush jungle terrain. Smaller techno-craft surround it for miles, nestled within the terrain’s dense vegitation. Smaller, super hi-tech labs are scattered throughout also.

CAPTION: “The Atlanteans are about to lose the leadership they needed to join their brethren in heaven–”

CAPTION: “The Galactic Federation.


FULL PAGE: The glowing techno-craft now flies at super-sonic speed, away from the enormous mother-ship, which can still be seen in the distance. And we see how vast and beautiful the jungle/forest in which it was set up is. Below, we can see the thick vegetation, it clears up in a circular formation as it nears the enormous colony, which stretches out for miles behind the craft. A family of Elephants are spotted below, as they attempt to run from the flying disk of light, which continues to accelerate toward the speed of light.

CAPTION: “The Hatona Council Hybridization Program can no longer remain, and they must withdraw their super hi-tech center–”

CAPTION: “–the Garden of Eden.”


PANEL ONE: Adam senses his wife’s return. We see her in his mind, naked and alone. Traversing the borderlands of Eden by foot, and trying to find her way back to her Eden.

CAPTION: “Now I must choose between my wife–”

PANEL TWO: We see just Adam’s eyes, now wide open.

CAPTION: “–And the Father.”

PANEL THREE: Adam walks down a long, brightly lit hallway, with clear windows on the sides. Through the windows we can see the vast interior of the upper portion of the Hatona Council mother-ship, other tubes come in from the sides, and connect to a glowing white ovular disk in the center.

CAPTION: “The Hatona Council’s commandment was that I abandon her, and let YHVH decide her fate alone.”

CAPTION: “. . . But I’m discovering quickly, that sin only begets more sin.


PANEL ONE: Adam steps out of the tubular hallway, into the enormous bubble with the glowing ovular sphere in the center. He appears to step onto a transparent floor, because we can see the bubble below him as well. Sirians surround the glowing disk by the hundreds, sitting cross legged, with their heads bowed down, facing the glowing light. Some stand.

CAPTION: “And my love for her keeps telling me the same thing–to be reunited with her!”

PANEL TWO: Adam steps into the glowing ovular sphere, and his body appears to enter a dimension halfway in the physical realm, and halfway in the mental realm. He briefly caresses the fragile head of a sorrowful Sirian. As Adam looks down at him, he glimpses sorrow in the Sirian’s large, reflective eyes.

CAPTION: “Because I still feel the other aspect of nature calling to me.”

PANEL THREE: Adam is now inside the glowing white ovular sphere, and he steps into a small pod, with an egg-shell shaped seat in its center that looks out through a circular pain of glass. Everything is still glowing bright white, making visibility difficult.

CAPTION: “Her flesh is of my flesh.”

CAPTION: “And her bone is of my bone.”


PANEL ONE: The techno-pod Adam’s inside separates form the Hatona Council mother-ship in a in a blurry, zig-zagging flash. But the line suddenly disappears about two miles into the sky. Adam has departed toward the borderlands of the Garden of Eden, under a dark night sky.

CAPTION: “And from her state, mine must never be parted.”

PANEL TWO: Adam sits within the techno-craft, appearing to exist as a blurry hologram, that no longer belongs to the physical realm. The techno-pod itself has taken on a bright white glow, as it now exists strictly in the mental dimension. It’s being propelled by Adam’s psycho-tronic energy, which resonates with the universal energy of YHVH.

CAPTION: Even in a state of bliss, Adam seeks to part with his current state. For the hidden dimension of the mind only reminds him of how detached he is from his only partner.

CAPTION: And this marvelous vehicle of YHVH, which can charge up and operate off the vibratory energy of his own perfect soul–

CAPTION: –which can take him to a dimension of pure thought, where even the speed of light is no longer a limitation–


FULL PAGE: The techno-craft re-appears, high in the sky above the borderlands of Eden. The dissipating remnants of a flash of light can still be seen, where the techno- craft re-entered the physical dimension. Following its re-entry into Earth’s skies, a zig- zagging trail of light can be seen, trailing the techno-craft. Below, Eve looks up at the craft, waiting for her husband Adam.

CAPTION: –is to him, a mere tool that will bring him closer to the companionship which was taken away from him.

CAPTION: The divine vehicle regains inertial mass as it re-enters the physical dimension, creating a bizarre light show high in the night sky.

CAPTION: And no more than two seconds from departing Eden’s super hi-tech center, Adam arrives at Eden’s borderlands where Eve has been hiding in the trees.


PANEL ONE: The techno-craft lands within a clearing in the forest, but still hovering a few feet over the ground. Adam floats out of the small craft, toward Eve, who runs up to him.

PANEL TWO: Adam and Eve embrace in a hug. And Eve’s appearance is in stark contrast to Adam’s. Adam’s body radiates with light, where Eve’s appears dull, and of a more Earthly tone. Eve has covered her groin with a fig leaves, sewed together, and tied around her waist–the first indicator of her shame.

EVE: Adameh, ma-hal hha-ani. Hhani ksah bah er-wah!

CAPTION: “Adam! Trangress with me! Do not abandon me in this nakedness!

ADAM: Seem-hhahi kka ze-vahh!

CAPTION: “I love you, and I will not lose you!”

PANEL THREE: Eve takes Adam’s hand in desperation, leading him toward the tree- line.

EVE: Ani Tsah-oh ohi ahma-wet sey-ter! Nah-sha mut-shah tah-mah!

CAPTION: “I know where the Angel of Death hides! So we may die together, in the

EVE: Hor-raid oh thahmah!

CAPTION: “But he has come to strike fear in my heart!”


DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD: Sammael steps out from behind the trees, and presents himself to Adam and Eve, who take each others hand. He is a hideous winged albino reptilian, and he is adorned in netting and leather bands connected to chains and spikes. He is enormous, standing almost thirty feet tall. Under the scaly skin of his long neck, massive muscles twitch like steel cables, as he lowers his head to glare at his prey. The night only seems to confirm his being as one one that belongs only to the night.

CAPTION: Adam reminds Eve not become faint of heart, and to remember the courage of the Father.

CAPTION: Now Sammael, the Angel of Death appears to them, and speaks; “Perhaps it’s true, that YHVH commanded, ‘You shall not partake of the Tree of Knowledge, or you will surly die.”

CAPTION: “Your wife has not died, and neither will you, Adam!


PANEL ONE: We see Sammael from the side, insidiously creep up to Adam and Eve. Only inches away, he glares directly into Eve’s face, dwarfing her with his imposing size. Eve gapes back into his, biting her fingernails in fear.

CAPTION: “For it’s manifest and knowing before YVHV, whereupon you partake of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like the angels before YVHV.”

CAPTION: “And you will know what is good, and what is evil.”

CAPTION: When Eve gazed upon the angel of death, she was afraid. But she knew
the Tree of Knowledge would reunite her with Adam.

CAPTION: Nevertheless, in the flesh, and no longer the spirit.

PANEL TWO: Through the black sillouettes of the trees, we see a triangular Anunnaki techno-craft descend from the night sky. It creates a violent wind, that engulfs them, and Adam stand below, waiting for them to take him up.

CAPTION: “Father, forgive me.”

CAPTION: “For the first time, I’ve sinned–



CAPTION: “–And I enter the unknown.”


PANEL ONE: Adam lies on his back, engulfed in a blinding white light. Some type of negative energy sucks the life force out of his body, and only the whites of his eyes can be seen. He gasps for breath, as his entire body heaves upward. The very breadth of God is being sucked from his body.

CAPTION: One man transmits to the entire human race not only the affliction of physical death, but death of the soul as well–

CAPTION: –The very root of sin itself.

PANEL TWO: Adam lies in a fetal position on the floor, with the Anunnaki surrounding

CAPTION: Without knowledge of self, the fallen children of YVHV are left alone on
the Earth.

CAPTION: Leaving evil free to reign.


FULL PAGE: Adam and Eve are together again, but not out of the company of their demonic corruptors just yet. They’ve become the unfortunate guests of a bizarre Anunnaki side show, dark, dusky and cold. They sit at the front of the chamber, with a royal Anunnaki prince and his demonic cadre. Other strange dwarf-like creatures, with hoods that obscure their faces are also present. In a cage before them, large reptilians taking on a female role sexually abuse and torture hysterical primates of various types with long whips. Adam and Eve gape in horror, and shock. Emotions still new to them. A horrified Eve tries to comfort Adam, who’s still recovering from his spiritual lobotomy. He shakes in a cold sweat.

CAPTION: For at its core, evil is the manipulation and theft of another’s energy and consciousness.

CAPTION: Thus the methodology behind the Anunnaki DNA experiments on Adam and Eve: The Anunnaki’s primary means of mind-control over other life forms is through sexual reproduction. At the moment of orgasm, the human body explodes with libidinal energy which the Anunnak can capture and absorb.


PANEL ONE (glimpse into the future): We’re seeing from the point of view of one of Anu’s fallen angels, as it descends from the sky, and through the upstairs shutters of a antediluvian cottage. The moonlight reveals a lone woman laying in bed, staring in shock at the apparition that invades.

CAPTION: They’ve successfully debased the original asexual image of humankind–

PANEL TWO: (glimpse in the future): The young woman has intercourse with the apparition that’s the fallen angel. It has taken on a large, transparent humanoid form, and holds the women in its arms as she cries out in climax.

CAPTION: –into a perverted, lower-form being, only capable of heterosexual body birth.


PANEL ONE: (glimpse into the future): Any concept dealing with the human women giving birth to the Nephilim. The children of the fallen angels, mentioned in the bible as the mighty men of old, or the heroes of renown.

CAPTION: Leaving the floodgates wide open for Anu to unleash his full and unbridled wickedness upon all the Earth.

PANEL TWO: (glimpse into the future): The Nephilim have arrived. A small cadre of men pass through a thick crowd of spectators. Children of the fallen angels, they are fierce and belligerent combatants of shmy’zd’s new Atlantean Empire. Still human enough in appearance to be hailed as ‘heroes’ by their awestruck spectators. It’s startlingly apparent that these young men are not human–for they would each stand about nine feet tall. Almost too large for the draft horses they ride upon. They wear shiny silver armor upon their bodies, similar to the knights of medieval times.

CAPTION: An ominous black cloud on the horizon that is the Anunnaki cultivation of pre-flood civilization.


PANEL ONE: (glimpse into the future): Within the courtyard of an antediluvian castle, a sorcerer speaks to a large crowd, upon an elevated podium. Behind him, a frightening Nephilim king sits upon his thrown. He’s grown into a monstrous giant, and he chomps on the corpse of a dead mule.

CAPTION: Resulting in a world of inhabitants belligerent with thoughts of fear and destruction that overtake their mind-patterns. Black magicians and sorcerers will take the place of scientists and religious leaders.

PANEL TWO: (glimpse into the future): Any concept dealing with the following caption.

CAPTION: Men will be born with the bodies of the birds of the deserts, and human beings will have the faces of ravens–these the Anunnaki and their progeny will create on the Earth.

PANEL THREE: (glimpse into the future): Any concept dealing with the following caption.

CAPTION: And they will create a dwelling for them . . . . in the midst of the Earth which they grew up, and they’ll become great in number.


FULL PAGE: (glimpse into the future): We see the bloody, corpse strewn battle field where gargantuan nephilim warriors feast on the slaughtered corpses of their fallen opponents. The nephilim warriors have grown into enormous, animal-like behemoths, and they would stand around 300 to 400 feet tall. There fallen opponents were giants of another race, trolls. The sky should be almost blood red, and the environment has become stained with the filth and disease of a corrupt pre-flood world.

CAPTION: Lechery, death, and unspeakable abominations will terrorize and corrupt the entire Earth. And it will become filled with violence through Anu and his demonic children.

CAPTION: But what’s most upsetting, is that this expression is meant in the most literal sense.


DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD: (glimpse into the future): A desolated and barren pre- diluvian terrain, scorched and withered by the parasitic filth that has come to permeate it. A wasteland of enormous stone megaliths that have been erected throughout the land, as far as the eye can see. Haunting, blue energy currents emanate from the megaliths, carried away by a howling wind that seems to scream with a life of its own. As if the Earth herself were attesting to the evil that has come to torment her.

CAPTION: The Earth will become filled with the psychic trauma of the millions sacrificed to Anu.

CAPTION: And the cries of their tormented spirits will reach up to the high angels in heaven, through a global grid system of horrendous haunting energy.

CAPTION: It will be this type of energy field, on this scale, which will nourish Anu, and his rapacious ET children.

CAPTION: Nevertheless, Anu has already summoned the Messiah through the fall of Adam, despite his monumental attempt to corrupt the seed of humanity.


(Here we see Adam screaming in agony, pain and fear)
Double page spread At some point in time in the far future, when humans will no longer exist.  A bright star of heaven will fall, and it will be cast out of heaven by YVHV.

And with this bright star, its ministering arch-angels will follow.
But as the bright star falls, it will travel back, into the distant past, and into our reality. It no longer remains a bright star of the morning, but dark star of the night.  This is Anu, and subsequently, the Anunnaki’s origin.

The Anunnaki were created by Anu’s ministering arch-angels as a division of their own collective energy. And in turn, that energy was infused with the physical genetics of select Lyraens. This resulted in the physical manifestation of Reptilian like beings that would later become known as the Anunnaki. The Anunnaki were created to antagonize and test humans,
and they were taken to many different physical realities,in which they could become the dominant species.


The Fall of Adam (original script)

This script was one of my first attempts at an alternative Adam and Eve story.  I began getting interested in creationism in 2005, while I was deployed in Iraq.  It stemmed from my earlier interest in giants, and the infamous Nephilim.  I still remember going to the MWR, while I was stationed at Abu Ghraib, and just Googling ‘Adam and Eve’ or ‘Genesis’ and finding as much information as I could on the subjects.  What I came across dealt with hybrid asexual races, super hi-tech colonies, and something called the Source of Life (SOL).  Things which opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of what Adam and Eve could have meant.  From that information I pieced together of Adam and Eve that made sense to me.  Since those early years, my theories on this subject, and ultimate vision have evolved profoundly, and with them, the work that I do.  But I wanted to upload this early, outdated script, and hopefully some of you will find it fascinating in itself.


How can I live without thee, how forgoe thy sweet converse and love so dearly joyn’d, to live again in these wilde woods forlorn? Should God create another Eve, and I another rib afford, yet loss of thee would never from my heart; No no, I feel the link of nature drawn to me: Flesh of flesh, bone of my bone thou art, and from thy state mine shall never be parted, bliss or woe.

– Jhon Milton Paradise Lost


PANEL ONE: Half of Eve’s face. Takes up the whole left side of page, and has a transparent quality to it.

PANEL TWO (blended): A spherically shaped 12 helix DNA structure. It appears to be spinning, and as it spins the helix strands appear to unravel and fall apart.

CAPTION: “Spiritual DNA decoded. Scrambling of helix light codes will commence.”

PANEL THREE: Eve appears to be falling down an empty and endless void. There are twelve points of light radiating from her body, but their energy appears to be diminishing.

CAPTION: “The twelve chakras will shut down. The external energy web will no longer be accessible.”

PANEL FOUR: We see the Sirian genetic engineers who created Adam and Eve, extract a small sliver of bone from Adam’s rib.

CAPTION: “Erasing memory and identity. All future events will trigger chaos energy in the form of karma.”


DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD: We see Eve, gasping in shock, as she awakes from anesthesia. She has been laying within an open, artificial cocoon, and is covered in a clear pink, slimy substance. She tears an extraterrestrial respirator off her mouth, still clearly disoriented. The light in the room is so bright, that it’s hard to see, and she is surrounded by the Anunnaki, who preformed her genetic/spiritual fall. One of the Anunnaki from the side, as he speaks to the others: Nervous system devolved. True knowledge of self, she will no longer recall.


FULL PAGE: Completely white.


PANEL ONE: Adam stands in the center of five Sirians, who’s stature are like that of children. They all stand within a brilliant white circle that shoots its brilliant beam up into the air. Other hybrids like Adam are seen just outside the circle.

CAPTION: My name is Adam, the proto-hybrid. Begat afore all other hybrids of the colony, whom I now administer.

PANEL TWO: We zoom out, to see that Adam and the other hybrids stand upon an elevated circular hi-tech stage, set in the middle of some type of large circular interior.

CAPTION: “My race; a genetic coupling of Lyraen and Anunnaki DNA, created thereof by the Hatona Council Hybridization Program, of the Sirian star system. We art the harbingers of peace betwixt these two warring races–under the direction of our holy fathers.

PANEL THREE: We zoom out further, to see that they are inside an enormous, domed parliamentary style structure, yet hundreds of thousands of years ahead of our time. Thousands of seats circle the interior, whom seated within are Sirians, and human hybrids of the Eden colony. Above them, a large, smooth glowing disk floats up through an enormous opening in the roof.

CAPTION: “Within us they have bestowed the Tree of Life, that witch bringeth peace upon the Earth. For one day, we hope to join our brethren in heaven, the Galactic Federation.

PANEL FOUR: The glowing disk has now exited the massive structure, witch turns out to be the mother-ship of the Hatona Council. It sits within a vast and lush jungle landscape. And smaller techno-craft surround it for miles, nestled within the dense vegetation. Small super hi-tech labs are nestled under the trees, like hundreds of scattered diamonds that glitter under the pre-diluvian sky.

CAPTION: “And we tend to the war-torn lands, to turn whereinto that of our own beautiful colony–”


FULL PAGE: The small glowing craft now flies at super-sonic speed, away from the enormous mother-ship, which can still be seen in the distance. And we can see how vast and beautiful the jungle/forest in which it was set up is. Below, we can see the thick vegetation, it clears up in a circular formation as it nears the center of the colony, seen miles behind the craft. A Herd of Elephants can be spotted, attempting to run from the flying disk of light, as it continues to accelerate toward light-speed.

CAPTION: “–the Garden of Eden!”


PANEL ONE: About ten to fifteen Atlanteans surround an enormous glowing crystal. They are adorned in beautiful bejeweled robes, each holding the others hand in meditation. Above them, a glass dome opens, ready to let in something grand. The Leader of these Atlanteans speak to the rest.

LEADER: The divine Sirian oracles hast beckoned us. The Hatona outpost on Earth hast cried out to us, requesting from us thier cooperation, in search for a missing hybrid female.

LEADER: We must assist our star-gods, and respect their grace.

LEADER: For they desire only peace.

PANEL TWO (largest panel): The smooth disk shoots over a vast megalopolis. The city is cyclopean in design, composed in rings of land and water. The center ring, off in the distance, is densely packed with towering antediluvian skyscrapers, appearing to sparkle, as if made of gems. The outer rings consists of primarily stone megaliths, market-place complexes, and cottages.

PANEL THREE: The smooth disk has arrived, and docked itself onto the crystal nexus surrounded by the Atlanteans. The Atlanteans now greet the craft with out-stretched arms, in complete awe and worship, and they are enveloped in a brilliant white light.

PANEL FOUR: Out of a beam of light that shoots out from under the craft, five Sirians appear before them, their bodies radiating an ambient white light. The apparent leader of the Sirian oracles steps down from the crystal nexus, toward the Atlantean master/ leader.

PANEL FIVE: The master/leader kneels down to the glowing Sirian, who draws two overlapping triangles on the Atlantean’s forehead with its long finger. A token of fellowship to a trusted associate. The Sirian is speaking to the Atlantean in a strange language, akin to the chirping of a bird. Another Atlantean translates for the rest.

TRANSLATING ATLANTEAN: The Sirians wish to take us to Eden, whither we shalt convene with the Hatona Council on said matter–The Anunnaki Assemblage of Ambassadors shall be present.

TRANSLATING ATLANTEAN: They desire cooperation from both sides on said matter.


PANEL ONE: The techno-craft takes off in a brilliant white flash of light–

PANEL TWO: –and reappears above the enormous opening of the Hatona Council’s mother-ship, to make its silent descent.

PANEL THREE: Lower view, from within the mother-ship. The Atlanteans are being taken down from the techno-craft with the Sirians, to where Adam stands. Surrounding one half of the circular hi-tech stage, are the caste of Anunnaki Assemblage of Ambassadors whom the Atlanteans are to sit across from. They are a small, and fragile type of reptillian, with dark blue skin.

PANEL FOUR: The group of Sirians begin to speak to Adam in that strange chirping language.

THE SIRIANS: (language undefined)

PANEL FIVE: Adam begins to look up, into the white void on the bottom of the floating

PANEL SIX: A hologram projects from out of the glowing white opening of the techno- craft. It appears to be of three Sirian judges, sitting upon thrones, but the hologram is still difficult to make out.

ADAM SPEAKS: Ambassadors!


PANEL ONE: The hologram has fully developed just below the glowing opening to the techno-craft. The hologram is indeed of three high Sirian deities, whom each sit upon their own throne. The Sirian in the center sits higher than the two on either side, and he is slightly taller as well, yet all three of them are mouthless. They have high cheekbones and large black almond shaped eyes. The hologram seems to magnify their size as well, and they appear like giants before the Assembly.

ADAM: As Eden’s proto-hybrid, I was given to an oath of command over the hybrid colony, to serve under the Hatona Council.

ADAM: And as such, was blessed with a beautiful wife, whom I dubbed Eve.

ADAM: We administered the establishment of thy new diplomatic treaty. And for many a year we lived joyously together, in servitude for thine betterment.

PANEL TWO: Closer shot of Adam.

ADAM: Alas, woe has befallen I, the hybrid colony, and thy father–Eve hast been
taken away.

ADAM: Thou must be soothfast, to find the one–

ADAM: –of my rib, whence she was begat.

PANEL THREE: The judges of the Hatona Council speak from their collective consciousness. The center judge speaks first.

CENTER JUDGE: No such knowledge can be hidden from the Hatona Council, and the guilty party shall be removed from the council–indefinitely.

RIGHT JUDGE: Atlanteans, thou hast remained pro-active to the cause. And hast continued to remain neutral to Anunnaki threats of attack.

LEFT JUDGE: Anunnaki, thou recently proposed a temporary renewal of thine offensive against the Atlanteans. Whereout failure transpired, due to Sirian non- intervention peace policy. Whensoever, a new deception stratagem hast been targeted toward the bringers of peace.


PANEL ONE: Adam does not appear distressed, and his inward elation does not diminish.

ADAM: Anunnaki Assemblage, thine judges dost lie not. If there is indeed further information anent the matter, It is highly advised you dost tell us now.

ANUNNAKI #1: We greatly respect your race, there is nothing we would not share with the council. . . As such, we believe you are in wrongful debilitating servitude to the creator.

PANEL TWO: Close up of the same Anunnaki.

ANUNAKI #1: And as such, our DNA offering for your cause has been construed
to that without honor.

PANEL THREE: The two Hatona Council judges on the side extend their arms out, to spread an energy upon the Anunnaki, that will speed up their timely expulsion.

CENTER JUDGE: Anunnaki Assemblage of Ambassadors–thou art hereby expelled from the Hatona Council Assembly, and from the Garden of Eden.

CENTER JUDGE: Woe to thee, may the great father deliver swith thine rightful judgment.

PANEL FOUR: God makes his presence felt, for the high angels have cried out to him, causing him to dwell there–his shekinah glory. The Earth begins to shake, and the lights grow an intense white. Every being freezes, and they fall on their faces, for they know not to look upon his.

THE JUDGES (disappearing back into the techno-craft): Yoicks! The great father has spoken!

ADAM: He hast made himself to dwelleth here! Swith! Fall on thine faces! CAPTION: God makes himself heard, and causes his very presence to dwell
within the Garden of Eden.

CAPTION: And the beings within that dwelling know to hide their countenance from his countenance–


FULL PAGE: An aerial view of the mother ship, surrounded by her techno-craft in the midst of the Garden of Eden, and all the techno-craft are glowing white. The sky is permeated with a yellowish aurora, and the trees rustle within an ominous wind-storm. And all remains frozen.

CAPTION: For the Shekinah Glory is too awesome and powerful to be seen completely by them.


PANEL ONE: Eve is still recovering from her genetic deactivation, and is being tended to by Anunnaki geneticists. She sits upright, upon an operation chair, wrapped in a thin grey blanket. She is shivering and her complexion is akin to freshly fallen snow. Her green eyes sparkle in the dim grey light of the operation chamber, and her red hair lay matted and wet against her skin.

PANEL TWO: One of the Anunnaki geneticists take a small pin-light and flash it into her eyes, illuminating her violently dilating irises. The Anunnaki geneticist speaks to the others in a screeching, violent sounding tongue, that sounds more animal than intelligent.

ANUNNAKI GENETICIST: (language undefined)

PANEL THREE: Eve experiences a flash-back, and she is back in Eden. She is alone, and speaks to a large and frightening creature. An Anunnaki Ciakar named Sammael. Eve’s body radiates a glowing white light, and she shows no fear of the creature.

EVE: Aye, I shall replace the Tree of Life with that of the Tree of Knowledge–

EVE: –For I desire to perceive the physical elements of nature, as dost thy
father, and aroint the inhibition of the light of the eyes.

EVE: No longer shall servitude to the Hatona Council govern the being!

SAMMAEL: Aye, my child. Betimes thee shall forsooth see!

PANEL FOUR: Eve’s eyes go wide, and she suddenly gasps, and begins to shake violently. The Anunnaki geneticists proceed to sedate her with more drugs, and she immediately falls into a deep intoxication.

ANUNNAKI GENETICIST: (language undefined)

ANUNNAKI GENETICIST: (language undefined)


PANEL ONE: Eve sits alone upon a metal bench, wrapped in a dingy blanket. She appears to be within a dark, dingy metallic cell with rusted walls. She appears to have regained her senses, yet her face remains pallid and melancholy. And she appears to be staring into a void of emptiness. No longer does her body radiate a white glow, like it once did, and there is nothing divine about her new condition.

CAPTION: Father, what hast I done?

CAPTION: For thou resided within me. Alack! I have done away with thine Tree of
Life–my Lyraen spiritual heritage.

CAPTION: Alas! Froward I succumbed to the darkness of the Anunnaki within.

CAPTION: Father, for the first time–I suffer alone!

PANEL TWO (small corner panel): Close up of Eve’s face, her eyes go wide. And for the first time, they are filled with fear, and uncertainty.

EVE SPEAKS ALOUD TO HERSELF: Forgive me Father, although thine commandment hast been broken, I shalt not suffer alone.

EVE SPEAKS TO HERSELF AGAIN: I shalt not be left alone in this nakedness!


DOUBLE PAGE SPREAD: We see Eve from behind, standing within a vast and barren desert. But is in fact a scorched land, a land ravaged by war. The winds blow hard, and she is still wrapped in the blanket. Behind her, Anunnaki approach, as they prepare to escort her into the techno-craft seen further in the distance.

EVE SPEAKS WITH HER BACK TURNED TO THEM: I must be reunited with Adam, natheless, I must not show my face to anyone else–for they shall verily kill me.

EVE CONTINUES TO SPEAK: Heretofore, I may no longer live in the midst of the garden. I must remain hidden, within the trees.


PANEL ONE: We see a blurry greyscale vision of Eve, arriving at the barren borderlands of Eden, via Anunnaki techno-craft.

PANEL TWO: Same style panel, but we see clearly again, just Adam’s eyes, as he appears to have woken from a dream. They are wide open.

ADAM: Eve! she hath returned!

PANEL TWO: Adam gets up from out of a cocoon style bed, that appears to be filled
with water.

PANEL THREE: And steps through the wall–

PANEL FOUR: –Into a brightly lit room. In the center of the room, is a small techno- craft, and a hatch begins to open from its side.

PANEL FIVE: Adam proceeds to ‘go out freely’, an act forbade even to him, as the techno craft rapidly vanishes into the fourth dimension–toward the borderlands of Eden. It is early dawn, and the advent of the morning sun’s first rays are evident just behind the dim silhouette of distant hills and fields.


PANEL ONE: Adam’s techno-craft re-appears above a clearing in the lush forest, and lowers just above the ground, at a steady, silent hover.

PANEL TWO: Adam exits the craft bathed in a bright white light. However, he does not yet touch ground, but rather floats in mid air, before its opening, breathing in the cool crisp air. Almost as if savoring these last moments, cloaked within his garment of light.

ADAM: Eve, I come hither!

PANEL THREE: Adam touches ground, and proceeds to walk toward the edges of the jungle/forest–

PANEL FOUR: –and reaches a clearing, the barren borderlands of Eden.

ADAM: Eve, where art thou?!

PANEL FIVE: Above, Adam is confronted by a gathering of the wicked. The royal Anunnaki, of the Ciakar high order. The administrators of all wicked deeds done by the Anunnaki on Earth. Five of them fly in circles like vultures directly above him, as if already anticipating the advent of his own spiritual demise. Adam cries out to them, but his cry is filled with joy.

ADAM: Where hast she gone!

PANEL SIX: But he is only met with their ominous silence.


PANEL ONE: One of the Ciakar separate from the other four, and proceeds to fly east, from the direction in which Adam came. While the rest fly back west, eventually out of site.

CAPTION: Adam and Eveʼs agent of devastation comes again, A royal Anunnaki, of the Ciakar high order–


PANEL TWO: And suddenly in the distance, we can make out a distant figure that appears to be approaching Adam.

ADAM: Eve!

PANEL THREE: We are looking back at Adam, and in his face an expression of total joy. Nevertheless, joy for reunion with his only companion. Behind him, in the distance, we can see Sammael landing within the trees.

ADAM: Eve! Thine garment of light! It is no more!

PANEL FOUR: We can see Eve, and she has almost reached him. The blanket draped loosely over her shoulders. Her countenance is in stark contrast to Adam’s, and she appears drained, exhausted and lifeless. Tears begin to fall down her cheeks–

PANEL FIVE: –and she embraces Adam in a desperate hug, digging her face into his chest. And an ominous dread overcomes Adam, for now, he sees she has turned her back to their father, and partaken of the forbidden Tree of Knowledge. And Adam begins to comfort her, and permeate her with waves of healing energy and light.

EVE: Adam, alas! I hast done something terrible! Prithee! Forgive me!

ADAM: Eve, why hast thou done this to thineself?! Thou hast turned thine back on our father! Now, thou shalt surely die, for the Tree of Life can no longer reside in thee!

PANEL SIX: Close-up of Adam as he continues to hold tightly to his reunited companion, permeating her with his healing energy.

ADAM: Eve, thou hast diminished my joy! For I am now torn between thee and thy father!


PANEL ONE: Suddenly, Eve looks into Adam’s eyes. But a new character has entered into her, one foreign to Adam. A frantic desperation to be rejoined with him.

EVE: Adam! Then thou must join me! Partake of the Tree of Knowledge!

PANEL TWO: Eve takes Adam’s glowing hand in urgency.

ADAM: Alas, it is forbade! Lest I become stripped of my garment of light, alike thou hast become!

EVE: Adam, thou art beloved of thy father, and he shall be merciful towards thee!

EVE: For we art created for each other, does it not make sense to be as one? Whether in flesh or spirit? For I cannot transgress whereout my soul now resides!

PANEL THREE: Adam begins to lead Eve back towards the tree line of Eden.

ADAM: And why dost thou only expect wanion from our father? Dost thou not
wish to be reunited with him, with I?

EVE: Adam, thou dost understand not! I cannot go thither to Eden! Not like this!

PANEL FOUR: We see them further out, just before the tree line. The techno craft can be seen glowing within the trees.

CAPTION: Only Adam was naked, and not his wife, as yet he did not know what shame was.


PANEL ONE: They continue to hold hands, as they approach the techno craft, but Eve is apprehensive, and refuses to go back.

ADAM: Eve? What hath happened to thee? Why dost thou fear thy father so much?

PANEL TWO: We are looking directly at Adam, and directly behind him, hidden within the other trees we can make out Sammael, who eyes his prey with predatory stealth.

PANEL THREE: We look directly at Eve, and she suddenly gasps and falls back in fear.

EVE: Ahhhh!

PANEL FOUR: Adam continues to look at Eve. But he knows Sammael stands behind
through Eve’s eyes, but he is not afraid.

ADAM: Dost not be faint of heart, and remember the courage of thy father.

SAMMAEL (OP): Mayhap it is soothfast? Thine father commanded, ‘Thou shalt not partake of the Tree of Knowledge, or thee shall iwis die?


PANEL ONE: Sammael steps out from behind the trees, and presents himself to Adam and Eve. He resembles a mutated version of a winged dragon, and he is adorned in netting and leather bands connected to chains and spikes. He is enormous, standing almost thirty feet tall. Under the scaly skin of his long neck, massive muscles twitch like steel cables, as he lowers his head to glare at his prey. Now, the sun has fully risen over the trees, however, the sun itself only appears as a diffused glow.

SAMMAEL: Eve certainly hath not died, hath she?

PANEL TWO: From the side, we see Sammael insidiously creep up to Adam and Eve. Now, only inches away, he glares directly into Eve’s face, dwarfing her with his imposing size. Eve gapes back into his, biting her fingernails in fear.

SAMMAEL: For it is manifest and knowing before thine father, whereupon thy eat of it, thine eyes wilt be opened, and thou wilt be like the angels before thy father, knowing to distinguish between good and evil.

CAPTION: Eve saw Sammael, the angel of death, and she was afraid. Yet, she knew that the Tree of Knowledge would reunite her with Adam.

CAPTION: But in the flesh, not the spirit.


PANEL ONE: Eve looks down at the ground, and a deep rooted guilt envelopes her for taking Adam away from the father, and into the darkness.

ADAM: Out of love, I shall join you in suffering!

ADAM: Alas! What hast thou committed me to?!

PANEL TWO: Eve suddenly bursts into tears, wrapping her arms around her husband. Sammael stands before them, ever the victor. Adam cries out to Sammael.

ADAM: Please depart! Thou speaketh only lies! For they hast dubbed thee the Angel of Death! And thou hast brought only death to us both!

SAMMAEL: I only bring hither that which one asks.

PANEL THREE: Just then, a triangular craft can be seen through the trees. Three
lights are located on each of the three corners.

PANEL FOUR: With squinting eyes, Adam and Eve look up at the the craft through the branches of the trees. A strong wind has begun to whip their faces.

ADAM: Eve, thus it is coming to pass! My fall!

PANEL FIVE: Several Anunnaki float down from the craft, accompanied by a few
strange looking dwarf-like creatures, with hoods that obscure their faces.

ADAM: Take me! Reunite me with my wife, then go thither from here!

PAGE TWENTY THREE (page blends into white towards the bottom):

PANEL ONE: The Anunnaki, accompanied by the little dwarf-like creatures, take Adam and Eve–

PANEL TWO: –And bring them up into the craft, floating into the air, and causing Adam and Eve to be paralyzed in the body.


PANEL ONE: A white panel that takes up the top of the page, it blends into the panels below.

PANEL TWO: The craft has landed, and Adam and Eve exit the craft, with the Anunnaki and their dwarf like company. They appear inside some type of underground extraterrestrial bunker, and it is as large as two football fields. Steam or haze makes the surroundings very difficult to make out. Within cages, appear to be primates of all types, monkeys, chimps, apes, gorillas and orangutangs.

PANEL THREE: At this point the Anunnaki separate Adam and Eve, and take Eve to a temporary holding cell so she cannot witness their methods of replacing the Tree of Life with the Tree of Knowledge, out of the possibility that she will know how to evolve back.

EVE: Adam! Help me!

ADAM: Where dost thou take her?! Please, let her be!

PANEL FOUR: They take Adam into a room, almost completely by force, into a room lit white with light.

ADAM: Anon! For I can no longer bear to be torn between spirit and flesh, whereof I am now!

PANEL FIVE: They the lower him into a cocoon/vat of clear pink liquid, and again cause paralysis of the body. One of the Anunnaki then strap a bizarre respirator to his face.

PANEL SIX: Eve now sits alone, within the same cold, damp cell she found herself in after her own fall. Her head is tucked under her arms, which are folded across her legs, and she is sobbing.

EVE: Adam, what hast I done!


PANEL ONE: The white light in the room dissipates, to reveal a super hi-tech operation chamber. The walls are a maze of screens, panels and wires, but the ceiling is a bubble, or dome that reflects everything in the room. Anunnaki surround the room in a perfect circle, perhaps 45 to 60 in number observing the operation.

ANUNNAKI: Display twelve helix code. Prime DNA scrambling photons.

PANEL TWO: A hologram of Adam’s 12 helix DNA code appears just above him, animated, and spinning as if it were physically there. At the same time, a thin and long mechanical arm lowers itself form somewhere above, and one of the Anunnaki insert a needle as thin as a human hair into its female connector.

ANUNNAKI: Condition central nervous system for 96% deactivation. PANEL THREE: The mechanical arm with the needle inserted into it, begins to
straighten, and lower itself toward Adam’s eyes, which go wide.

PANEL THREE: We see Adam from directly above. As the needle inserts itself into his left pupil.

ANUNNAKI: Negative light photons will scramble DNA code in 1.4 seconds.

PANEL FOUR: Same view, seeing Adam from above. Just then, the bubble above flashes bright white, and Adam’s body heaves upwards, as if the very breadth of God were being sucked out of him.


PANEL ONE: We see a close up of Adam’s face and his eyes are still wide, however, it becomes lost in a flash of white light. This panel blends into the next.

PANEL TWO (flashback): Beings from the Sirius star system continue biogenetic engineering of Adam. They appear to be inside an alien laboratory within some type of space-craft. However, it is so bright that it is very difficult to make out their surroundings. Adam’s fetus has been sealed in a liquid tight, artificial womb. They are inserting nano-needles that pass through the womb, into Adam’s prenatal brain. Lyraens from the Galactic Federation are also present, observing Adam’s developing fetus with approval. Before them is a holographic interface projecting Adam’s higher order DNA, and a projection of the elementary particles labeled in ancient Hebrew.


PANEL ONE: The flashback begins to fade away, and darkness begins to take its place.

PANEL TWO: As the darkness continues to envelope Adam’s mind and soul, a terrible sensation of falling begins to overpower him. He screams, but we cannot tell whether he is screaming only in his mind, or screaming on the outside. We can also see the twelve chakra points within his body turning into black voids–dissipating, closing out all the great mysteries of the universe forever.

PANEL THREE: Adam continues to fall, but he is further down, into the darkness. And we are above, looking down at him falling. The twelve chakra points in his body are no longer found.

CAPTION: The 10 spiritual DNA helixes have been scrambled. Shutting down energy signals that once enabled his chakras to filter and process all the known energies of the universe.

PANEL FOUR: Same as panel three, but he is even further below us.

CAPTION: By closing out the heart and mind, all the answers to the great
mysteries of the universe are lost.

PANEL FIVE: Same as panel four, only he is even further below, getting difficult to make out now.

CAPTION: And we are no longer masters over our minds–

PANEL SIX: Now Adam is out of sight, and all we see is blackness.

CAPTION: –Our minds are masters over us.


PANEL ONE: Adam violently regains consciousness, screaming and writhing, trying to escape from the nightmare that has enveloped his reality.

PANEL TWO: Blackness.

PANEL THREE: Adam continues to scream, and manages to get his entire upper body out of the cocoon of pink liquid.

PANEL FOUR: Blackness.

PANEL FIVE: The Anunnaki prepare to inject him with a powerful sedative, as he continues to writhe and scream, oblivious of his surroundings.

PANEL SIX: Blackness.

PANEL SEVEN: This time we see Eve, still locked within the dark cell. She suddenly hears Adam scream, and cries out to him.


PANEL EIGHT: Again, darkness.

PANEL NINE (takes up the lower portion of page): Adam has been tranquilized, and now lie silent and motionless. The Anunnaki surround him, staring down at him, content that their mission to taint God’s seed has been fulfilled.


PANEL ONE: The door slides open, and white light shines through. Eve looks up, and sees the shadows of the Anunnaki taking in a limp Adam, wrapped in a blanket. Others carry a large black pot containing a thick, hot soup, and a large spoon.

EVE: Adam?

PANEL TWO: We see just their feet, as they lay Adam, and the large pot of soup down
on the cold floor besides Eve. He appears to be unconscious.

EVE: Daemons!

PANEL THREE: Eve appears to take no notice of their exit, or the food they have left as she jumps to Adam’s side, cupping his face in her cold hands.

EVE: Adam! Adam! Forsooth! Awake!

PANEL FOUR: We are looking directly down onto Adam’s face, and Eve is softly
slapping his cheek with the palm of her hand.

EVE: Awake–Awake!

PANEL FIVE: Same panel, only Adam’s eyes are slits, and we are seeing the edges of his irises.

EVE: Awake!

PANEL SIX: Same panel, now, Adam’s eyes are almost fully open, but his lids are still heavy.

ADAM: . . . Eve, my love. ‘Twas a terror.

PANEL SEVEN: We are looking up at Eve’s face, from Adam’s point of view. She is smiling, but it’s a smile of sadness, and she is choking back tears.

EVE: Oh’ Adam . . . I love thee so much.


PANEL ONE: Eve helps Adam to sit up on the metallic bench, who appears drained mentally and physically, and they are both shivering.

ADAM: My eyes! They perceive only an illusion! No longer doth dimension apply to the world, as afore. They hath blinded me!

PANEL TWO: Adam sits on the bench, looking into Eve’s eyes with fear and despair.

ADAM: What hast happened . . . to our reality?

PANEL THREE: Adam sits on the bench, wrapped in the blanket but still shivering.

ADAM: Eve, dost it not torment thee? For it is something akin to hollowness, or emptiness!

EVE: Heretofore, I wished not to speak of these feelings, out of fear thou would not consent. Nevertheless, now that we art rejoyn’d in flesh, we shalt share this nightmare together.

PANEL FOUR: Eve moves closer to Adam.

EVE: For our father begat us, joyn’d in spirit, withal we shalt die together joyn’d in
the flesh.

PANEL FIVE: Adam takes notice of the pot of soup, and begins to stir its contents with the large spoon.

ADAM: Why hast they left this? Could it be of any concern to us?

EVE: Aye, Adam. I hath been made to consume Earthly foods to sustain the
body. Still, I prefer to go without . . . for It awakes dead sensations.

ADAM: We hast lost everything!

PANEL SIX: Eve puts her hands on Adam’s cheeks, and brings her face closer to his, almost touching his nose with hers.

EVE: Nigh, we still have each other.

ADAM: Thou appear unto me only of flesh, verily, thine flesh is–

PANEL SIX: They have drawn closer, to kiss each other on the lips.

ADAM: –Beautiful.


PANEL ONE: For the first time, they kiss. And Eve reaches out to feel under Adam’s blanket.

PANEL TWO: Adam blushes, hesitant for a split moment.

PANEL THREE: Then proceeds to kiss her violently on the neck and face. And he too proceeds to feel under her blanket, her smooth soft breasts.

PANEL FOUR: Both blankets slide off of their bodies, as they lower themselves down onto the cold floor.

PANEL FIVE: And for the first time, they make love.


PANEL ONE: Adam and Eve lie on the floor, both asleep in each others arms, and both blankets covering their waists. The Anunnaki have slid the door back open, and now the light shines through, and we can see their shadows in the entrance.

ANUNNAKI: (language undefined)

PANEL TWO: Eve is the first to wake up, and proceeds to wake up Adam.

EVE: Adam! Awake! They shall take us back to Eden!

PANEL THREE: Adam and Eve are now outside, standing before an enormous triangular techno-craft, that hovers in the air, and they’re being led inside its open hatch by the Anunnaki.

PANEL FOUR: Adam and Eve become lost within white light, from inside the craft.

PANEL FIVE: And all remains white.


PANEL ONE: Eve wakes up, and to her horror she finds that the Anunnaki have left them lying upon the ground, where they had originally abducted them, on the border of Eden. The sunrise can be seen just through the trees.

PANEL TWO: Eve violently shakes Adam’s awake.

EVE: Adam! Awake–Awake!

PANEL THREE: Adam begins to wake up, still unaware of his surroundings. Eve continues to shake him.

ADAM: Ugh? Hast they reached the borderlands?

EVE: Open thine eyes!

PANEL FOUR: We see that Eve has been pointing to the techno-craft that he took out to find her, days ago. Adam gasps.

ADAM: Aaaah!

PANEL FIVE: Eve takes Adam’s hand, and leads him toward the craft. They approach it with caution, as if seeing it for the first time, and it no longer appears as an extension of themselves, but something of a foreign nature.

ADAM: Eve, no longer art we joyn’d to it. And it, no longer joyn’d to us.

PANEL SIX: They both kneel down before it, as if to worship it.

ADAM: We shalt no longer know it, for it is of thy father, whom we hast turned our backs to.

PANEL SEVEN: Eve begins to sob before the craft, throwing her hands up into the air and praying for forgiveness. But Adam gets up, and proceeds to comfort her, who likewise begins to cry as well.

ADAM: Eve, let us go thither from here. We must traverse whitherward by foot.


PANEL ONE: They proceed to traverse the jungle by foot, not knowing where they are going.

PANEL TWO: Eve, holds tight to Adam’s arm, frightened.

EVE: Adam . . . whither art we going?!

PANEL THREE: They proceed to walk further into the jungle, which now appears foreign to them, no longer familiar. And the wild beast can be heard, and various calls of the birds, now a foreign language to them as well.

ADAM: All the beasts, birds, and creeping things of the forest! I can hear them whereinto I can no longer understand! For they no longer speak to us!

PANEL FOUR: Eve now leads Adam, and they begin to pick up a run.

EVE: Swith! We must find our way back to the colony!! For I fear they shall
devour us!

EVE: I am frightened amain, Adam!

PANEL FIVE: And they continue to run through the forest, until the bottoms of their feet begin to bleed.


PANEL ONE: Exhausted and hungry, they stop running. They continue to sob, and meander through the forest, warily observing all that surrounds them. They have been running since early dawn, and now the sun is high in the sky, and late afternoon has brought a beautiful sunshine to Eden, a beauty they can no longer enjoy.

PANEL TWO: Exhausted and hungry, they both fall to the ground, helpless.

PANEL THREE: They both sit on the ground, with their backs to each other. Though they are two fallen lovers, they appear alone in this garden paradise.

ADAM: Eve, the Angel of death we hast alike let strip us of glory! How shall one lead the other back, whilst perception hast fled from both of our eyes!

PANEL FOUR: Close up of Adam. In both fear and surprise, he gasps, and points up into the sky.

Look! Our father! He hath come to our mercy!

PANEL FIVE: Over the tops of the trees, Adam and Eve see an enormous, smooth disk,
slowly gliding over the tops of the trees.

CAPTION: They heard the Lord God strolling in the garden at the decline of the day.


PANEL ONE: Yet, out of fear and shame for what they have done, they proceed to hide behind a thick bush, so as not to be found.

CAPTION: So Adam and his wife hid themselves from the Lord God, within the midst of the trees, in the garden.

PANEL TWO: Ducking behind the bushes, Adam continues to peer over the tops of its leaves, no longer elated that they have been found. For fear and shame has replaced his elation.

ADAM(whisper): Father, thou must not see me in such a state!

PANEL THREE: As Adam and Eve continue to hide behind the bushes, the enormous
craft begins to dominate the sky above them, and a voice enters into his mind. THE VOICE: Adam, art thou there?

PANEL FOUR: Adam continues to hide behind the bushes, thinking he can hide from that which is God.

ADAM: I–I saw thee. I saw thee within the garden. And I was afraid.

PANEL FIVE: Adam continues to hide, but he no longer looks up at the craft, but down
at the ground, filled with disgust and shame.

ADAM: For I am . . . naked. And I hast neglected thine commandment given to me.

ADAM: Whereupon I hid myself for shame.