The generation she produced

Eve and the generation she produced continued to fall in vibration over the long pre-flood years, while the great serpent, Yahweh, laid in wait for her heal.  When it was finally bitten she conceived Seth, who would take up the work of Abel.


Elemental Bloodlines

Elemental BloodlinesDA

Out in the vast, sun drenched expanse of the field, Eve lay on her back on the dewy grass, as she gives birth to Abel,  wrapped in the embryonic sac that still lays inside her.

Lucifer Descended

Lucifer Descended

A dark and sprawling abyss of dense water, vegetation, and algae, with titanic blades of grass rising hundreds of feet from the antediluvian ocean floor far below, and covering the underwater landscape for miles out.  It’s a utopian water realm, filled with bright green light and illuminating a beautiful mega-flora paradise for the great angels, who will soon come to inhabit it.  These are the very first plants, and the very first blades of grass, which have become Lucifer’s outward conscious manifestations, forming the vast and dark depths of the prehistoric terraformed concave Earth, and Lucifer’s own, fallen consciousness.