The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The first civilization emerged from a pulverized Post-flood barren-land that became populated by an array of immense structures following the solar/lunar incubations of Adam and Eve. These prior kingdoms of the Earth were designed by atlantean masons still detached from our perspective of linear time because they still applied their architectural models to a comparable and recollective Antedeluvian landscape.

This non linear form of thought began in the Edenic post flood colony of Adam and Eve, where they communicated through song and produced sounds of varying sub and supersonic wavelengths. However, as the Sons of Man would take their wives deeper into the thick, sub-terrestrial hyperbaric post flood biosphere, their language would develop shorter and more separated audible frequencies that became the first structured sentences, and these would stay within the audible range of later developed humans.

The descendants of the ice-age terra-flood civilization of Noah would develop a ring of dense Urbanization called Ur that would surround the thickly vegetated Saharan plain of ruling class hyperboreans. The Noahide Hyperborians lived when the Adamite ice-sheet which covered Eden broke and fell to the Earth. Glaciers covered much of the Earth during this time, and later caused a worldwide terrestrial flood which became mistaken for the earlier, more violent celestial Flood of Enoch and the Watchers.

After Noah’s time was the time of Abraham, when language lost most of its prior sub and supersonic qualities and this also applied to the electromagnetic resonance produced by some of humanities most powerful energy generating megaliths, such as the Great Pyramids at Giza, which by the time of Jesus were non-functional abandoned relics of what they once were.

There was a time after the covenant of Abram, when the people of Yahweh built great temples, altars and cities. However these great regions eventually succumbed to the ravages of time, and just seven structures from this pre-rephaite era lasted into our recollective antiquity. There were once thousands of these wondrous ancient structures that existed through out the holy land during the time of Abraham and the Phoenicians. Now, the land is holey in the most literal sense, and all the land has been entirely excavated and quarried over multiple ages throughout the distant past. There was an artificial irrigation and precipitation system that humanity no longer has the knowledge to harness, and now North Africa has succumbed to extreme desertification, and to some extent, much of the Middle East. These areas once succumbed to the most extreme man made deforestations and urban developments ever witnessed upon the face of the Earth.

As the post-flood eras became further buried under epochs of lost time, metals and silicon then timber was excavated and logged and brought first to Tirashus and then Alexandria for Bronze Age commerce.



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The Titan Eve lay on her side, among rising blades of  Antediluvian grass and mega flora, it surrounds her to form a terra-formed paradise.  In her hand, she holds an enormous crystal glass, she fills from a river of wine that will bring her inebriation.  Looking up at her naked body,  it is titanic, appearing to cover miles across, from her head, which is covered in the most radiant, fiery hair you’ve ever see, to her toes, obscured and faded in the far distance.

The truth about the Biblical Patriarchs


I wanted to post this chart from Wikipedia, showing the lifespans and genealogy of the Biblical Patriarchs.  Notice how long the lifespans are, until Noah’s son Shem is born.  They are still long, but soon begin to drastically taper down, to where by the time we reach Abraham, the lifespans are but a fraction of what they were  during the time of Adam.  I want to point out that the longevity of the Biblical Patriarchs held an integral key to understanding the intimate relationship we once had with nature, and the accurate way in which this chart visually depicts and compares the longevity of the antediluvian patriarchs, to the post-deluge patriarchs, should show you just how drastically the human race has shrunken over the Billions of years of its his existence, and I say billions, because I believe that is the magnitude, or the size of the gap between the generation of Adam, and our generation of today.

Now I partly understand why we’ve been afflicted with such acute spiritual amnesia, and it has to do with the flood, and loss of connection to all things rooted in the spiritual world.  I am just beginning to realize the magnitude of  loss of identity with the spiritual world humanity suffered as a result of the global flood, and the devastation it heralded humanity, to put all of that knowledge gained before the flood in the hands of just a few, who were the only survivors of that catastrophic event, and thus, the only ones to inherit the world after it had taken the lives of everyone else on it.  I have been asking myself the question; ‘did Noah commit fratricide?’ After all, he was the only son of Lamech not born of any special gift, or knowledge of his own, other than the fact he was chosen, perhaps because he carried the serpent blood-line, to preserve the human race, through his righteousness, and build the ark, which enabled him to establish his covenant with God, and carry out the Noahide Laws, unhindered.  Legend has it, that it was his four siblings; Jabal, Jubal, Tubal-Cain, and Naamah, who were the ones who brought the practice of idol worship and occult knowledge, music, the arts, and all of the sciences to the rest of the antediluvian world.  And after the flood came, they preserved all of this knowledge, only to have it retrieved by their traitor brother, who was well adept in black magic and chaos energy, and used it with mastery against his fully human brothers and sisters.  Hermes Trismegistus, a Noahide Cabalist, held esoteric knowledge of the principle Trinity or Triune, in that it represented the three practices of alchemy, astrology and theurgy.  One adept in all three of these sacred practices was considered knowledgeable in the three parts of the wisdom of the entire universe, and early Christian writings were accurate in describing him as a wise pagan prophet, who already saw the fore-coming of Christianity, long before it ever arrived.  He wanted to share his knowledge with the rest of the world, before it fell in  the hands of just a few, and his writings deeply influenced religious and philosophical thought and became a springboard from which the early sciences were first discovered and developed, from 1300 to 1600 A.D.  But most importantly, his work became the basis from which all other schools of similar forms of thought were established, such as the mystic and Hermetic schools established at Alexandria, Babylon, and the Roman Empire.  However, these were also the places where the mass practice, and public acceptance of mystic, and hermetic schools eventually met their demise, as these three ancient cities, which each held one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, were built during a time when Judaism and Christianity were first beginning to take root, and humanity was about to lose a great deal of ancient knowledge, which had originated from before the flood.  The purpose, or at least I believe, for the Seven Laws of Noah, was to establish the moral basis upon which the Judeo-Christian religion would establish itself.  This is why I believe Shem was actually serving Noah his rightful punishment, when he found him unconscious from drink, and without any clothing, to take the opportunity to desecrate Noah’s serpent seed, just as Noah had desecrated the lives of millions of gentiles, all for the sake of an unnatural force, which he perceived as Godly, and worthy of worship, but in fact had a natural antipathy toward humanity, which only saw them fit for conquer, and eventual slaughter.  This is also why I do not believe Noah was entirely human, I believe he was of a false humanity, an impostor human born directly from the line of the serpent.  Ever since he repopulated the Earth, we have been overrun by imposters in every religion, and political spectrum imaginable, from our imposter popes, to our imposter satanic high priests.

I feel that the biblical representations of the patriarchal blood-lines covers just a basic principle, or understanding of this deeply rooted esoteric gene pool, as the gene pool itself goes back millions of years, that is why there appears to be an overpopulation crises happening now, in our time.  It is because humanity has pre-existed for billions of years, and it has finally reached that same number in terms of its population, or more simply put, the human population directly reflects the amount of time we’ve existed upon Earth.  I am even willing to go so far as to say that all the numbers are wrong, scientifically as well as religiously in terms of the ages of the patriarchs, how large they grew, the years which they lived, how long there empires reigned, and how long it even took for their Sun and Moon to make a full rotation around the Earth.  As it was such a long time ago, that we have been given just an ephemeral divination into the true make-up of our origin, our Genesis.

The real God is the Esoteric God

Pope Francis and President Obama are ushering in an age of enlightenment, because they already worship the true God, the esoteric God, the god known as Lucifer.  By destroying the economy so they can put us in fema camps, and implanting us with rfid chips, they are destroying the old, and bringing in the new.  It is Shiva the Destroyer bringing a new age through science and technology, I am beginning to think the entire reason for the advent of modern technology was to bring about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.  It seems that the mark of the beast is technology itself, and nothing really gets anymore technologically advanced than the worlds largest and most powerful particle accelerator, and quoting CERN; The LHC is the largest machine in the world. It took thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians decades to plan and build, and it continues to operate at the very boundaries of scientific knowledgeI believe the Large Hadron Collider is the technological masterpiece that will free Satan from whatever chains he may still be bound to, and possibly only through this kind of technology can high demons access our realm of consciousness.  What Obama and Pope Francis are helping to bring is not new at all, it is actually very ancient, Obama and Pope Francis want not only a consolidated world government, they want a consolidated world religion, and the only God for a religion like that will be Satan, the God of idols.  Satan is the pagan God originally worshiped by humanity, long before the religions of Abraham came onto the scene, this is the God Abraham worshiped before he became monotheistic, and this is the God that was ripped off in order to create Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  As for Pope Francis condoning homosexuality, this only further shows how he is worshiping Satan, who is the God of nature.  Heterosexuality and homosexuality are both natural, but bisexuality is the most natural because it means those who are bisexual have a balanced soul, and I believe most people of prehistoric times were actually bisexual, not heterosexual.

There are people who are doing a very good job of fooling the masses, by misleading them into worshiping these false Gods in the Bible, Torah, and Quran.  As a result, we have society looking at Satan as the enemy, and damning themselves in the process.  This is why the word needs to be spread on who the real God is, so more can  redeem themselves from brainwashing scriptures of monotheism.

Satan has become an esoteric God, because how humanity once understood how to worship him is hidden in the pages of the Bible, Torah and Qur’an, in the form of encoded canons, and his many symbols, seals and sigils, which deal with black magic have been hidden in the wall decorations, and architecture of churches, synagogues and mosques.  There is also a lot of apocrypha not included in canonical texts, which many are unaware of.  This information deals with a lot of supernatural stuff, such as the book of giants, and the book of Enoch.  But these texts are simply describing a distant time in humanities past where we were much more in tune with nature, and much more technologically advanced.

Out of the slime of the waters

Out of the slime of the waters copy

A titanic Neanderthal, or Sasquatch has begun forming itself out of the slime of the Earth.  Her body has begun forming out of the clay and rocks of the cliffs, which have formed above the beaches of the towering tree of knowledge.  She has already acquired full sentience, yet, she cannot move, she can only observe the world around her, through wide, gaping eyes, as she continues to manifest into flesh and bone, over a great length of time.

Afflicted with forbidden knowledge

Afflicted with Forbidden Knowledge copy

With his head and shoulders high upon the clouds, Adam’s face is imbued with pride and forbidden knowledge.  He wears a crown of metals and gems upon his enormous head, and all around him, the clouds appear lit up by a fiery orange and red light.  He appears to be shouting at the very heavens, in defiance against the almighty creator, who has cloaked the spiritual world within Earth, water, air and fire, the same creator who has cloaked him in the flesh.  In his defiance, and rage, he has become the embodiment of the great Lucifer, now fallen, as his body becomes blurred by his own falling specter, and by the nefarious energy of the elements.