The Rectilineator Documentary




water, vibration, memory, consciousness and human emotions

This video helps to also explain the reason behind the war-torn middle east, in that it is very hot and while it may be humid, most of the water is localized within the atmosphere, and the land remains dry.  There is very little to no rain, and although most people think the middle east is all desert, while there is some desert, there is also a lot of very dried out water-depleted country-side, where it should look more like the South-East United States.  I have been over there personally, serving two tours in Iraq, and I have seen for my own eyes what the country-side actually looks like, there are a few trees and a lot of grass and plants, its a very old country side, and for some mysterious reason it has been terribly depleted of water, and everything has become dried out, lifeless . . . and violent.