Reptillians and Ancients exposed


So could Reptilians have possibly been created by pre-flood titans, or giants?  Or where they created shortly after the flood to take on a kind of post-flood dominance over humanity?  And where they created by these giants to preserve some kind of divine knowledge that could have been lost, or fallen into the wrong hands after their race went extinct, or was the reason more sinister?  And finally, will this knowledge held by the Reptilians be retrieved by these giants when their race is resurrected?  This is similar to another story where there were reportedly giants living underground, who created smaller grey-type aliens who were equipped with their own flying disks.  One half of these greys brains were reportedly organic, while the other half was bio-mechanic, like super hi-tech computers in their heads, and they were all clones of each other, created for reconnaissance, and conducting human and animal experiments.  This video Has interesting information, other than the pro-Xian rhetoric, which I believe is false and misleading, it had good information overall.  Below is another one that includes Reptillians, astral dimensions and consciousness.





Great abyss upon the waters of creation

When God created the heavens and the Earth, it was made in his own image, or likeness.  Basically transferring all of its glory and manipulative energy into it’s own spiritually inanimate clone.  Giving it’s own form of birth, continuing on in the reaffirmation of it’s own existence through these acts of creation.  However, by the time it came around to the creation of our universe, it’s own consciousness had grown weary, and old.  And it became a slumbering giant,  who by the sweep of a hand created the universe, only managed to trap itself within the realms of its own unconscious, the infernal dimensions, and its own vast dream world.  It became a world between worlds, a spiritual halfway house, where souls would pass through into a realm of destruction, or make it back out of this dark labyrinth, reactivated with the Holy Spirit.  Within the waters of God’s own creation, it came to manifest itself as a bringer of the dawn, the black, primordial soup of matter, that would become the natural world.  A form of consciousness which only known to distinguish itself as apart from God,  from it’s very conception.  It was Lucifer who came up out of that abyss which was stirred up during the first days of Genesis, to stare back at God like some demonic reflection.  It was the great bottomless pit that spewed forth another universe entirely, to come crashing into it’s own thought form frequency, like a cataclysmic planet X.  Keeping itself collected within its own thought frequencies in the beginning, God’s ticking time-bomb of creation exploded, causing it to lose much of itself through drops in conscious vibration.  Coming in the form of Adam and Eve’s birth, they became the very vehicles of creation utilized by Lucifer himself, as his own body.  The Antichrist himself came to inhabit and dwell within Adam, Eve, Cain, and Abel, who all came to worship Lucifer in some form, and come crashing into his own alternative black universe.  They came with the crashing waves of the flood, ushering in this new demonic reptilian universe, upon the divinely attuned universe of God like an invading Serpent.

As humanity re-enters the star-gate which Adam and Eve exited, the dark veil that is Luciferian consciousness will be lifted, and the Holy Spirit will once again rise, to gaze down upon that deep and abysmal infernal pit, which came to be known as hell.  Those who chose to pass on into that black world will have done so because that is where they ultimately belonged.   The principalities of this dark reality have come to understand their own futile existence, and being reintegrated with the great creator of the universe of darkness, and the spaces and voids in between.   Therefore it is imperative that you always accept the glory that is the spiritual self within, and know that you will continue on, in the world which exists beyond this one, to face ultimate judgment before your own creator, who at that point will decide whether you are too corrupted to be reintgegrated with its own consciousness, or you are in fact of the same original vibratory signature as you were when you were born, or if you’re even more enhanced, to suit God’s divine purpose more intimately.  Satanism has become so powerful, because it is the manifestation of a demonic reality, coming to terms with its own futile existence in the face of our creator, God.  That great serpent will soon be cast out, and all of its deceptions will be revealed in full light, never to cast its dark shadow upon humanity until the final days, after its thousand year reign of peace on Earth has ended.