The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

The first civilization emerged from a pulverized Post-flood barren-land that became populated by an array of immense structures following the solar/lunar incubations of Adam and Eve. These prior kingdoms of the Earth were designed by atlantean masons still detached from our perspective of linear time because they still applied their architectural models to a comparable and recollective Antedeluvian landscape.

This non linear form of thought began in the Edenic post flood colony of Adam and Eve, where they communicated through song and produced sounds of varying sub and supersonic wavelengths. However, as the Sons of Man would take their wives deeper into the thick, sub-terrestrial hyperbaric post flood biosphere, their language would develop shorter and more separated audible frequencies that became the first structured sentences, and these would stay within the audible range of later developed humans.

The descendants of the ice-age terra-flood civilization of Noah would develop a ring of dense Urbanization called Ur that would surround the thickly vegetated Saharan plain of ruling class hyperboreans. The Noahide Hyperborians lived when the Adamite ice-sheet which covered Eden broke and fell to the Earth. Glaciers covered much of the Earth during this time, and later caused a worldwide terrestrial flood which became mistaken for the earlier, more violent celestial Flood of Enoch and the Watchers.

After Noah’s time was the time of Abraham, when language lost most of its prior sub and supersonic qualities and this also applied to the electromagnetic resonance produced by some of humanities most powerful energy generating megaliths, such as the Great Pyramids at Giza, which by the time of Jesus were non-functional abandoned relics of what they once were.

There was a time after the covenant of Abram, when the people of Yahweh built great temples, altars and cities. However these great regions eventually succumbed to the ravages of time, and just seven structures from this pre-rephaite era lasted into our recollective antiquity. There were once thousands of these wondrous ancient structures that existed through out the holy land during the time of Abraham and the Phoenicians. Now, the land is holey in the most literal sense, and all the land has been entirely excavated and quarried over multiple ages throughout the distant past. There was an artificial irrigation and precipitation system that humanity no longer has the knowledge to harness, and now North Africa has succumbed to extreme desertification, and to some extent, much of the Middle East. These areas once succumbed to the most extreme man made deforestations and urban developments ever witnessed upon the face of the Earth.

As the post-flood eras became further buried under epochs of lost time, metals and silicon then timber was excavated and logged and brought first to Tirashus and then Alexandria for Bronze Age commerce.


The Luciferian Kings of Atlantis and Mesopotamia


I believe the fallen Olmec kings were my biological prehistoric ancestors, who had people in their family who could recollect firsthand accounts, or other people, that were directly connected to the flood.  I feel the Olmecs were a Postdiluvian tribe, scattered from the twelve tribes of Israel, which came to inhabit the lands of South America and Indonesia, and that they came to inhabit this area of the world in a distant time when the oceans were more like shallow canals, and the entire Earth was in much closer proximity, comprising a pre-flood, Atlantean civilization.  I also feel that the Olmecs were giants, enormous humans who could effectively create, move and fashion other enormous objects, such is the case with any prehistoric, unexplained megalith you see, within every country and every continent on Earth.  Notice that the pyramids on Earth’s Eastern hemisphere look eerily similar to the ones on the western hemisphere, as is the case with the step pyramids in Asia and Africa, compared to the ones in  Mesoamerica, South America, North America and Indonesia.  I believe all of these pyramids were built shortly after the Earth shattered during the flood, and there were no such thing as continents, but instead a terrain traumatized by massive rifts, which formed cracks throughout Earth.   During that time our beaches looked more like the grand canyon in Arizona, as this is a relic of these Antediluvian canyon-beaches, which were formed in just a short span, directly after the flood.  Over time, these rifts (all but the Grand Canyon rift in Arizona, and possibly a small handful of others not mentioned here) continued to spread outward, eventually forming the oceans and the continents we see today, this is a testament to the devastation of the initial shock-wave which had occurred just prior to the flood, that was so strong, it caused expansion throughout the entire Earth.  But underneath the catastrophic devastation, was the actual event which triggered it all, and that was when Lucifer fell, that great serpent was cast down from heaven, and imprisoned in the dungeon of Tartarus.  Lucifer’s consciousness fell in vibration from its original sacred geometrical form, which was an icosahedron, from the Earth’s center.  The actual discovery of an icosahedron energy structure at work in the Earth can be ascribed to biologist and paranormal science researcher Ivan P. Sanderson.  Personally, I believe whatever caused the post-flood expansion, caused it from an outward current of energy emanating from Earth’s center, and which took the form of the icosahedron, discovered by Sanderson.  Ivan Sanderson had discovered that this energy had become the most concentrated within twelve different locations on the Earth’s surface, and these became known as Vile Vortices, or what Sanderson fittingly called, “The Twelve Devil’s Graveyards Around the World”.




If you look at the map, these are the geographic areas alleged to have the same mysterious qualities popularly associated with the Bermuda Triangle, the Devil’s Sea near Japan, and the South Atlantic Anomaly.  The Vile Vortices are what I think of as personalized energy signatures left by Lucifer when he fell, they became Earth’s thirteen major chakra centers, and one-hundred and forty-three minor chakra centers.  They also established what became the sacred geometry comprising our collective consciousness upon this dimension, as well as the dimensions below ours.  This is referred to as Earth’s Sacred Geometry, the same sacred geometry used in the design and construction of religious structures such as churches, synagogues, mosques, religious monuments, altars, and tabernacles; as well as for sacred spaces, such as temenoi, sacred groves, village greens, holy wells, and the creation of religious art.  All of this is done under the various guises assumed by masonic organizations from around the world, and instead of being called Sacred Geometry, it’s always referred to as ‘the Golden Ratio’.  If you look at the location of the twelve (not thirteen) major energy vortexes, or chakra centers on the map, you will see that they were the direct cause of how, and why the tectonic plates broke apart Earth’s shell (or crust, if you still believe the traditional, heliocentric ball earth model, and not the geocentric concave model) the way they did.    As for the original energy structure comprised by the ley lines, which directly followed the flood, they have been drastically altered over billions of years, through the construction of cities that have been built atop the thirteen major chakra centers and along specific ley lines covering the Earth.  This is the global parasitic urban sprawl that has come to claim Earth like a cancer.  It has come to be known in scripture as the Whore of Babylon, the Mother of Prostitutes and Abominations, through its countless occult rites and invocations, done mainly by royal and papal bloodlines.  The rites and incantations served to manipulate the post-flood energy grid which had originally covered Earth.