In her dreams (wip)

Antigravity is energized by her dreamy unconscious invasion, loosening the flora into an up-wind whirl wind by the dreamcatcher’s temptress.


Elemental Bloodlines

Elemental BloodlinesDA

Out in the vast, sun drenched expanse of the field, Eve lay on her back on the dewy grass, as she gives birth to Abel,  wrapped in the embryonic sac that still lays inside her.

Lucifer Descended

Lucifer Descended

A dark and sprawling abyss of dense water, vegetation, and algae, with titanic blades of grass rising hundreds of feet from the antediluvian ocean floor far below, and covering the underwater landscape for miles out.  It’s a utopian water realm, filled with bright green light and illuminating a beautiful mega-flora paradise for the great angels, who will soon come to inhabit it.  These are the very first plants, and the very first blades of grass, which have become Lucifer’s outward conscious manifestations, forming the vast and dark depths of the prehistoric terraformed concave Earth, and Lucifer’s own, fallen consciousness.

Fed off the light of the Sun

Fed off the light of the Sun copy

This is the second Titan to appear in this story, she is supposed to represent a hybrid chosen race, created with the help of the Reptillians. It is this race who the Reptillians purposely engineered, genetically, to be more spiritually malleable than their untamed predecessor, Sasquatch/Neanderthal.

Corporeal Experience

corporeal experience

*Adam stands like a giant statute, solitary and alone, within a dark turquoise, storm plagued sky, waiting for his companion, Eve, to join him in holy matrimony.

He named Her Eve

He named her Eve


 Eve falls to the ground, in the form of a grotesquely transparent child titan, accompanied by a cigar shaped mother-ship in her descent onto a flowery marshland. A waterfall of blood and fetal fluid crashes down onto an aquatic landscape, teeming with giant toads which feed off the vital nutrients. It is so humid that vegetation sprouts out of thin air. This is indeed the land where the spiritual and physical Garden’s of Eden meet, in a prehistoric fantasy land.