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LECTURE – Concave Earth/Rectilineator 10/25/15

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NASA’s Fake Ball Earth vs The True Flat Earth


I think part of why the world elite has lied to us about Earth being ball shaped was because knowing Earth’s true nature would help those seeking to find their true spiritual selves, in fact I am sure many would have already ‘ascended’ many years ago, if they knew the Earth’s landscape was a flat plain enclosed within a sort of dimensional bubble.  If everyone knew this hundreds of years ago, many more souls might have been saved from the destructive power of the established churches and governments, and they would have spent there money and utilized their time on things relating to spiritual betterment.  But the Catholic church has been spreading it’s satanic dogma disguised as divine revelation to the masses ever since the true word that was Christ Conscioiusness became distorted by the new world order.   It’s only weird if you’re not already privy to that fact that the Catholic Church is just a Satanic cult in disguise.  That reptillian figure behind the popes thrown is depicting their reptillian overlords, who are now in the process of abandoning them, and leaving them to become exposed for what they truly are.  The Reptillians are also leaving them with a shit ton of bad karma on their hands, because the Reptillians themselves have actually done very little on this plain of reality, for the most part, they’ve been able to manipulate our reality from  the parallel She’ol dimension, as they are regarded as ‘demons’.  They’ve existed in that dimension ever since Adam and Eve made a pact to coexist with them billions of years ago, and therefore are an integral part of what we would call ‘hell’.  As long as they continue existing within that underworld, there will always be a ‘hell’, and humans will continue to be manipulated by it’s evil forces, and by the forces of death.  I suppose you can view the Earth plain as a middle ground between this lower She’ol underworld, and the abode of God, within the starry heavens above.  Your actions will always cause a reaction which will either resonate with hell, or with heaven.  As above, so below, and as below, so above.


  I Imagine if more people found themselves spiritually, they would have been able to see through all of the bullshit they’ve been fed for hundreds of years, and that’s a lot of time for people to wake up and see the truth.  More importantly, their God, Satan, would have lost a lot of souls.  The ‘planets’, rotate directly above us, within their own spherical layers, in heaven, the patterns they make as they rotate around the sun and moon have been mapped out against Earth’s surface, and they have a vibratory kaleidoscopic pattern to them.  Each planets pattern is unique, and each planet plays a role in how our own chakras pick up their energy signals and use them to activate our crown chakras and pineal glands, each planet plays its own role depending on your birth sign. Understanding that more extensively, would have lead to a lot more enlightened people on this planet, it would certainly have helped one to gain true spiritual awareness of themselves and help them ascend into higher realms, and this is exactly what the control freaks don’t want, they only want to take souls away from the one true Christ, of the one true God, who resides in the one true Heaven.  The Garden of Eden was even said to be ‘flat’, and Atlantis was also said to be a flat circle of land, enclosed in two rings, and that it was larger than Africa and Asia combined. I believe The Garden of Eden and Atlantis were not the same place.  The Garden of Eden was a located on a parallel dimension along Earth’s cosmic axis, directly above Earth’s physical terrain.  When Adam and Eve fell, they then fell into the lower realms, and into what would then become Atlantis, which was basically a third, and perhaps lower fourth dimensional version of the higher realms which existed above it.   A flat earth landscape, enclosed under an ice-crystal firmament, greatly enhances the possibility that there were once giant humans inhabiting it, in prehistoric times, and there very likely was. The concept of giants is an amazing one, worthy of divine quintessence, and it would certainly make sense if they were indeed molded in God’s image, and were his crown achievement.  The Giants of old were the caretakers of the universe, and the universe was there physical, and spiritual habitat.  They were indeed the center of it all, with their first dwelling in the Garden of Eden, and then later on, dwelling upon the whole of Atlantis.  All of the fruits of the Earth were there’s to eat, and all of the creatures were theirs to rule over.   Genesis does not even mention the creation of galaxies, or anything of the sort.  All it says is that  ‘God created the Heavens and the Earth’, which was a formless ‘water-world’, well established, and could not be moved.  Then, he created the first ‘light’ and Earth’s physical landmass, and then a second light which was the Sun and Moon, to separate day from night.  After that he created the heavenly bodies, and then the stars.  The heavenly bodies can be seen as high angels, archangels, or super-souls, and I believe the stars are the disembodied souls of people such as you and I, who have yet to ascend onto this realm, or have already come back from this realm and are reunited with God in heaven.  On a final note, if you live out in the country, or even if you live in the city, next time there is a clear, starry night, go outside and observe the sky closely.  If you bear in mind what I wrote, you will begin to see the celestial nature of ‘stars’, and that they are indeed the very angels who reside in heaven, and are awaiting our return.