The Pre-Flood World Noahs Ark and Dinosaurs – Russ Miller


 The pre-flood world was incomprehensibly beautiful and bountiful, indeed, it was a creation of God of the utmost perfect.  In the days of Adam and Eve, the Earth’s chakras were fully activated, and the light and energy of the inner sun was able to permeate Earth’s terrain, because of the ice-water canopy which kept it’s healing energy contained within Earth’s atmosphere.  This created a world-wide effect on all of it’s inhabitants, which was the activation of the holy spirit within all of them.  The inner sun energy, which was kept contained within and upon the terrain by the ice-water canopy, stimulated both their upper and lower chakras.  Today, we no longer have our upper and crown chakras stimulated and activated as we did in prehistoric times, because this holy spirit no longer dwells upon Earth’s terrain.  Instead, only our lower chakras are still somewhat stimulated, through the inner sun’s energy permeating Earth’s crust, which anchors us to the Earth by our feet.  For the inner-earth inhabitants, their upper chakras are more stimulated because they stand upside down upon Earth’s crust, with their heads facing the inner sun.  As a result they have a higher degree of spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment than we do, and their lusts for Earthly things are almost non existent.  When we are in our mothers womb, our heads are always facing Earth’s crust, this is to stimulate and energize our spiritual selves, to better cope with the events which will transpire after birth.  If we were born and raised within middle Earth, where a zero point gravity field exists, we would age much slower, and at a certain point, we may not age at all.  Because gravity and aging are very interrelated, and if you lived long enough in this environment all chakras would be stimulated and your third eye would become fully activated, this would be around your thirties, just as Jesus was resurrected on his thirty-third birthday.  You can still work toward this, by maintaining a pure body and mind,  fast often, and eat as little as possible without malnourishing yourself.  Drinking your urine is a good way to stay away from food, while keeping yourself nourished at the same time, it will help to de-age you, and keep all ailments at bay.


In the days of Noah, and before, human longevity and size were interrelated, the larger a person was, the longer their longevity.  When Genesis speaks of prehistoric man, such as Enoch and Methuselah, it speaks of titanic four hundred foot tall men, of great magnitude and very at one with nature. They became capable of procreation after being initially created asexually, and androgynous, and would have been a great spectacle to behold.  Eve, and the women who came after her were of such beauty and magnitude, that nature itself was but an extension of the radiance they exuded upon the eyes of prehistoric man.  They were all natives to a copious world teeming with mega-flora that towered miles into the sky, and the creatures which inhabited it flew at heights many times greater than that of the birds of today.   Looking up into the prehistoric sky would have been like looking up into a world, all of its own.  It teemed with all types of beasts and birds which inhabited the air, and sustained themselves off Earth’s ice-water canopy, which shimmered from the light emitted from the Sun, moon, and stars.   One can hold steadfast in the belief that this kingdom will return to Earth, and in another incarnation they will enjoy this Kingdom with Christ, while it reigns.  The giant redwoods of Oregon and California, the Giant Sequoias, were one of the types of trees common to Antediluvian man, and they are considered to be the oldest living things on Earth today.  They’ve become so scarce, national parks have been dedicated solely for their preservation, but they were still able to survive post flood conditions because they are coniferous.  Ancient Native American legend speaks of these types of trees weeping more than any other kind of tree, for Earth’s great fall in vibration after the flood, and so they stayed green, even during the winter seasons, to remember that faithful event.  The giant antediluvian trees which  were not coniferous all perished, because even though they were giant trees, they could no longer hold enough water in the winter season to stay green year round, so they began rotting to be recycled back into the ecosystem by pathogens, insects, and fungi.



The atmosphere of the giants

We have become weighed down by gravity so much, that it has come to shrink our very statures.  Earth used to have less of a gravitational pull, allowing humans to grow much much larger, I believe so large that it would stagger all of our imaginations, if we were to know the truth of how titanic humanity really was.  After all, the Earth itself was radically different, why wouldn’t man not be radically different as well?  Here is what main-stream science, and atheistic rational thought fail to comprehend, that humans could truly grow to giant sizes, and thrive billions of years ago, within the radically different climate of prehistoric Earth.  Yet, it is exactly what mainstream religion’s have been saying for centuries.  What everyone fails to account for when dealing with the people of the bible and holy texts, is that their environment was radically different than ours today, and as a result, they themselves were radically different than us.  To them, gravity perhaps may not have existed as it does today, giving them the sense that they could never be tired or worn out, and that they were somehow super-human. Whereas today, if we overexert ourselves, we start to lose our breath and become tired, because it is the nature of how the Earth’s gravity and atmosphere has changed over billions of years.  I use to think if we could take ourselves back to prehistoric Earth, we would be crushed by the weight of the atmosphere, and the strength of an overactive electromagnetic current from Earth, but now I’m realizing that it would be just the opposite.  We would feel as light as a feather, and we would be like the insects today, who are able to fall from a great height and not even hurt themselves.  We too might fall from a great height and only suffer minimal injury, at the worst, once we connected with Earth.  That’s why they say Achilles would be but a blurry apparition on the battle field, partly because his atmosphere allowed him to move much faster, with much less overexertion on his part, and also because he was simply a marvelous warrior.  I believe his atmosphere allowed him more freedom of movement, than if he were suddenly thrown into our modern world.  Giants really did exist, because their atmosphere allowed them to exist, plain and simple.  Earth was once much smaller, but it grew to almost three times its former size, and in the process became hollower.  This would mean the old terrain is now way up, almost out of range of where its original stratosphere ended, maybe we are know almost up in the original mesosphere of prehistoric Earth!   Gravity really should become stronger because we are now having to feel the effects of the internal magnetic field and the external pressures of the Sun’s solar wind bearing down upon it, at a much greater degree, and at a much greater height than in prehistoric times, because we have essentially been pushed up against the very fringes of where Earth’s old atmosphere used to meet with outer space.  This to me explains the effects of gravity a little bit better, and how it has taken its toll on our very life force.  I know most of you might not understand, and the way I explained it probably made absolutely no sense to you, but I understand now.  As I was walking outside, I was looking at the cars that were stopped and waiting for the red light, and I saw a big white semi-truck with it’s muffler spewing smoke into the air, it was then I felt like I was walking upon the surface of a world that was just under the fringe of outer-space, and that it’s atmosphere was much thinner than it used to be.  I felt everything was now accustomed to a much thinner, but more pressurized atmosphere, but we no longer notice it’s effects, it just feels natural to us now.   We’ve evolved and adapted to hi-tech machinery and gadgets to better cope within an atmosphere now much more heavily weighed down by gravity.  It’s not that our lives have become more hi-tech, it is simply the way nature itself has evolved, after all, we ourselves are always a part of nature and never apart from it.  If the world continued to expand and we continued to shrink, It would become something like a death-star, in that all we would know was but a brief life, very fast paced and super hi-tech.  But unfortunately, very short longevity, because of the immensely demanding electromagnetic force being exerted down, upon all terrain life.  The life force of nature would be stunted to the point were the forests would resemble grassy fields instead . . . and perhaps all sentient life forms would finally end up as small as the insects today.  The crust would become thin enough to support just the tiniest of  life-forms, accustomed to much stronger gravity as their atmosphere continued to be squeezed and spread further and further out into the fringes of space.  It’s very electromagnetic influence upon Earth maybe becoming so severe that the green hues of the continents might’ve long turned to hues of grey and black, as Earth would now require less oxygen for its devastatingly shrunken life-forms.  Life-forms which although only the size of insects, might be so imbued with the divine spark of the creator, that they make Earth appear like a second Sun within the solar-system.  With technology surpassing even their own collective conscious.  Their methodical tasks might be executed with such speed and beauty it could be compared to how a hummingbirds wings might flutter in the air.  Their minds could work as a global network, or hive of trillions of smaller circuits which form the overall super consciousness of what has become once again, a super hi-tech Earth.  Maybe we would begin to see a landscape etched with what appeared as the work of something divinely intelligent, now inhabited, and kept artificially alive by a vastly shrunken human society, who no longer display individual human personalities, but only express themselves through a kind of divinely cognitive interaction as they go about their daily tasks.  Or simply we would appear just as we do today, but only four or five inches tall.   Again, I am going to have to assume a human this size would be accustomed to a radically different atmosphere, and gravitational pull than we are.  But their gravity would be much stronger than ours, thus their lifespans would be much shorter.  Their impulsive nature might lend them to become more violent, because their shrunken brains could only process raw thought and emotions, making it harder for them to control.  Maybe this could be how we might become, or perhaps their is already a world like this that exists, somewhere out their.  The older I get, the more I view our society as shrunken humans, the more it makes sense to me, simply from the way I’ve seen some people act.  I am not trying to put anyone down, but it seems as if all the people I know act too immature.  They see someone different, who may live a different life, or act differently, and it seems to have this effect on them where they almost become obsessive-compulsive.  I’m beginning to find that most people have this disorder to some degree or another.  They begin to act immature, and they no longer focus on themselves, but they focus on the trivial things, that are absolutely not worth spending any thought or time on.  This to me is how a shrunken person acts.  Society also acts this way, we come across another sub-culture that may be different, and we immediately want to impose our will upon them, and start trivial wars with them, over trivial matters that if we just lived and let be, ours and their lives would be much more peaceful and we could focus on bettering ourselves again.  Instead we have to start trivial dramas, all over money and power . . . but what is it all really for?  There has to be something bigger, behind the scenes, driving us to this madness.  I believe it is the forces of death weighing down upon us, and we have come to think of it as Satan, but it is simply the opposing forces of nature which have been manipulating us for eons.