Running along a rift that’s part of Earth’s first beaches, Eve has devoured the plants and vegetation which has begun to affect her brain like a drug.  Her sense of self-awareness has grown so acute that she has caused a violent frenzy among the beasts and birds of the forest, some have begun to run from her, while others chase her and her head has become engulfed in a flock of frenzied birds who’ve migrated from thousands of miles away.  This has become known as her dance, it’s the acknowledgment of herself, and it’s essentially a perfect dance.  The great rift is faced by an immense wall of the Earth’s exposed crust and stretches out into the distance as far as the eye can see, every two or three miles an enormous rock pillar is carved out of the Earth’s wall; the monolithic architecture of Adams race.



Out to the fields


Cain has grown into a behemoth, with gargantuan hands for tilling the soil.  Although he is clean-shaven, his entire countenance is more like that of a beast than a man, and he has been imbued with Gaia’s strength and ferocity, as the progenitor of the Wild Man, the Sasquatch and the Neanderthal.  He’s taken his brother Abel out to the great open field that he has tilled with his own hands, and they’ve begun to quarrel.  Cain has come to see him as a traitor, doing nothing to protect their birth-right from the predatory angels, so he picks up a mountainous boulder and splits Abel’s skull open, spilling out a stream of blood that is received by the bright green grass of the open field.

Tsunamis and volcanoes

 Tsunamis and Volcanoes

An enormous valley has been carved into the Earth by Adam’s race, a megalithic landscaping wonder, with giant columns decorated with hanging vegetation built into the sides of its enormous cliff.  Thell be no work done today for these grossly intelligent beings, only time to connect to the minds of these endangered sauropods and guide them out of harms way of the volcanoes which have begun spewing hot magma into the prehistoric sky.

Vital life Force

Vital life Force

Adam, still partially transparent, squats and stretches his enormous arm over a towering megalith built in the midst of a forest, beckoning the wildlife closer. Even though they’re enormous, their size pales in comparison to the great Adam’s, who illuminates the night with radiant bluish white light.  They migrate towards him by the hundreds, and a Pterosaur lands on his enormous hand .  He and all life on Earth exist in an ecosystem so pristine and abundant, it’s capable of sustaining itself forever, however, as paradisaical as it seems, modern couldn’t last one day in this environment. The insects which swarm down upon the mega flora are so large they could devour a modern man, yet, they swarm around the great Adam’s feet like the weakest of God’s creatures.

A great Serpent (revised)


A Great Serpent


Earth’s lush terrain as seen from miles above, looking down upon giant trees, so large that they conceal a whole other world of murky darkness under their enormous canopies of vegetation.  A titanic humanoid reptilian comes crashing out from the dark and murky undergrowth, it’s nested itself at the poles where the fetuses still grow, and now abducts them for cannibalistic Saturn blood rituals.  It is another primal manifestation of Lucifer upon the face of the Earth.  This horrific abomination is surrounded by dragon-like birds and beasts of the air, which swarm around him almost like giant insects.  Two enormous Ciakars also accompany him, flying above his shoulders.  The sun is very bright as it shines down upon the outer surface of the vegetation canopy, but underneath it is cool and dark.

The fallen radiance of Saturn

The fallen radiance of Saturn2

Saturn shines bright and high, casting an eerie bluish light upon the early morning landscape.   A Ciakar swoops over the heads of two titanic Lyraens who’ve been expelled to Earth, only to find themselves fending off this great evil that now descends upon them.  They were chosen to provide DNA for the birth of their great son, who will claim Earth as his inherited Kingdom, and his alone.

His inherited kingdom

His inherited kingdom

Several Lyraen convicts are being chased down and devoured in a horrific slaughter, showering the trees and rocks with blood and entrails.  The Lyreans are towering behemoths, however they are dwarfed by this rabid carnivore which now torments them.  They’ve been involuntarily thrown into the first war to ever take place on Earth’s third dimension, and it’s a war leaving the strongest to survive, becoming initiated as Earth’s rightful inhabitants. They are here to contribute DNA for the great fallen Arch-Angels, who will be reborn as heirs to the kingdom the surviving Lyraens will establish on Earth.