The Giants of the Bible are returning to Israel.

  Jesus died for our sins as a mortal man, but was brought back from the dead as a resurrected embodiment of prehistoric fourth dimensional man.  It’s like a prototype of what humans will evolve to in the future.  Our sin was misunderstanding the mysteries of this higher realm of conscious, being ignorant and without the presence of his glory in our lives, because this means we are are no longer in his original image.  An entire human race became extinct, by dying spiritually and falling into the lower realms of dense matter and mind, and overpopulating the world with shrunken humans.  Smaller bodies are a cause of being cut off from spiritual self from a deep immersion of spirit within physical form.  This has lead to a weakening of our giant forebears spiritual electromagnetic fields, and in turn causing a chain reaction of weakening further down, into the very sub-atomic structure of what has become third dimensional matter.  Today, the angels have immersed themselves so deep within matter, most appear to have shattered into multiple weaker energy fields, inhabiting multiple people.  That Angel or Demon which you are a part of will soon be pieced back together spiritually and physically in fourth dimension, and with your close, energetically compatible soul-mates, you will be ascended, back into higher more extreme states of awareness.

  If Humans want to evolve with Earth, from the dark dense pool of matter that is the realm of rational thought, back into the higher realms of intuition and clairvoyance, they must accept Christ in his resurrected form on this world.  The first ones who are of true Christ consciousness  will come to inhabit Israel, and establish their kingdom upon it’s ruins, but it will be a real Kingdom meaning it’d not only recognize its territorial reign but also the spiritual reign or authority of God within.  Humanity cannot evolve without Earth’s primal evolution, and Earth cannot evolve without humanity following.  This would include reading minds, teleportation, levitation and astral projection.   In the literal sense, this will mean a much larger physical brain and central nervous system, large enough to fill the entire bed of a pick-up truck.  Smaller brains are capable of this too, just not to the same degree as larger ones.  The brains of ancient hero’s such a Achilles, Odysseus, Heracles, and Diomedes were of  the smaller brains that were capable of tapping into Christ consciousness, they used their knowledge and abilities on the battle-field and became renown.

  As for Earth herself, she would be lifted into the fourth astrological dimension of consciousness, causing flora to grow in abundant and copious amounts never rotting or wilting, and fauna to grow to gargantuan sizes.  The kings and queens who’d reigned shortly after the lifespans of Adam and Eve had ruled kingdoms existing in excess of a million years upon Earth.  When these great rulers died, they would die upon their thrones falling into a deep and permanent slumber, and their bodies would harden to stone.  If not for the global cataclysm of the flood, and the damage it ensued upon Earth’s landscape, we still might be seeing these giant stone relics today.  The ancient line of Seth and Cain descended from these ancient and mighty men, who in turn descended from a very high, and ethereal realm which has its roots in the big bang.  It started off within a dimension so high in vibration only God himself  was aware and cognizant.  This extreme state of perfection was a symbiosis of every dimension that has existed below as it was all brought together in a  harmonious awareness profound in site, sound, touch and smell.  What became of its physical aspect was an unfathomably super-massive black hole, created by the sub-atomic force of dimensions upon dimensions of consciousness all harmonizing simultaneously.  A black hole so large, it was born out of the collapse of space and time holding together the entire universe, in what could only be described as a big crunch.

  What we perceive as imagination and fantasy is really our distant and faded spiritual memory coming back to haunt us.  The giants of old where just a distant bygone relic of what had transpired in a much older time, a time period no scientists could possibly fathom.  Fourth dimensional Earth came colliding with its own third dimensional reflection, that was an astronomical collision with the planet X of the ensuing dimension, this created the Earth of today which has been stripped of its ice and water canopy, and it’s higher balance with the rest of the cosmos.  It wasn’t only Earth, it was Saturn, the Sun and the Moon, and every other celestial body in our galaxy, God had  fallen back to sleep.  Like an amoebae contracting and expanding again and again, It became less aware again, spreading back out into lower and lower realms of vibration.  Dimensions were again inhabited by his ministering angels, then those angels began to accommodate lower realms for the angels incarnating into more physical bodies such as the giants, much later.  As the universe continued to spread out into the void of thoughtlessness, it fell lower and lower in vibration over the eons, becoming more and more physical toward its outer fringes within dimensions one, two, three and four, so that it was not only a slumbering being of consciousness but a slumbering being with an external physical celestial body, realms which were dictated by the time and space which ruled the rational mind.  The realms which humanity once dwelt have long been forgotten.  These thoughts are now played out in its dreams, in the form of physical life, but it has always existed, both in its timeless ethereal mind, and in its linear physical unconscious, because both are mere reflections of the other in a cyclical dance of waking in a big crunch, and then falling back to sleep again in a big bang.  It can be likened to us waking up everyday only to fall back asleep and dream about the days events while we were awake. To God, we are like the billions of braincells relaying that information back to the unconscious mind during sleep.  We’ve been inhabiting this realm, so that God can learn more about himself, aspects that are out of range of his own conscious awareness, and then relay them back to him after we depart.


Thoughts on the Great Central Sun Transmissions

The Great Central Sun Transmissions, written ‘through’ Karen Danrich “Mila”, are warnings, foretelling’s and explanations on the current state of affairs throughout our cosmos, how it got to be this way, and were humanity is headed.  The information is genuine, it is too detailed and precise.  Another interesting thing to note is that they were first dated March 2, 2001, just six months before the 9/11 attacks, which I believe is not a coincidence.  2001 was the year of the snake, that particular year, one of poison and death, 2002 was the year of the horse, and 2003 was the year of the ram or goat, the one who would lead us into war.  It was mentioned that Earth had recently entered a Stargate, whether the 9/11 attacks were directly influenced by this is up for speculation, but I believe they were.   She said that the language utilized upon Earth was no longer understood by the Great Central Sun, for over one million years in fact.  So, for over one million years, humanities ‘language’ upon the Earth has no longer been understandable to the angels who reside in Heaven, due to their great fall, or exit from Eden.   From what I have gathered,  this universe is but one of many.  And that each universe is simply an outward manifestation of its own Great Central Sun, outward manifestations, or external byproducts of the consciousness of it’s own creator, which became part of its own unconsciousness.  This universe is like one of its own thoughts, which was once a very prominent and active thought within its own consciousness, but over time, it began forgetting, and this thought form began to fall into the realm of the physical as it became more and more a part of its unconscious.   And this is not just relegated to our own universe, there are many other universes out there which apparently succumbed to the same fate, becoming nothing more than barren realms of the unconsciousness of their own creator, through a massive fall in vibration.  As each creator’s thought forms became more and more an aspect of their own unconsciousness, each universe and dimension became more mixed and intertwined, this may be the cause of black holes.  The Reptillian species are said to have been created to hold or maintain the space between each Great Central Sun, or creator, which are the physical universes created as a result in drops in thought-form frequencies.  So now, we can see how they may have came to inhabit our area of the universe, they had originally came from another universe entirely, which had left and ascended the physical planes of its own reality tens of trillions of years ago.  I believe it may have been the many black holes within our galaxy which allowed them to access our area of the cosmos.   The spiritual world has eluded us because we have all become aspects of it’s own unconsciousness, for 3.4 million years in fact.  It was 3.4 million years ago that Earth exited the boundaries of it’s own creators consciousness.   According to Mila, as souls continued to incarnate upon Earth, some became displaced from other universes, which were created by other Great Central Sun’s who’s particular signatures were radioactive, or electric, and not magnetic, such as the case with Earth’s creator.  So know we have people incarnate upon Earth, who do not even belong here, and who cannot gain knowledge spiritually, because they are trying to do so within the wrong creation, this is what she calls the blending of unconsciousness.



The Reptillians and Greys, who originally came from another solar system, within another universe, were originally radioactive in nature, but due to the equipment they used over time, which was electric based, their biology and spirituality became electric also.  They have brought all of their electric based equipment to Earth, and have changed the magnetic nature of Earth’s energy to a mixed electromagnetic signature which is incompatible with  Earth’s Great Central Sun.  Their electrical influence upon humanity has changed our own biology and spirituality, to an electromagnetic signature, over a great amount of time.  And now, we have become dependent on electrical equipment and gadgetry in our own everyday lives.  The only way for Earth to ascend back within the boundaries of it’s own Great Central Sun, is for each and every species upon Earth to become solely magnetic in nature, and no longer mixed with electric or radioactive, but this will require an immense change in lifestyles, one that will cause great changes upon the face of the Earth in times to come. Once this physical reality begins to lose its electric and radioactive nature, humanity will once again be able to produce enough chi within their own bodies to no longer live in fear of death, and life on Earth will be overall much more joyful, since non resonant energy fields will no longer be able to inhibit the magnetic energy field of Earth’s.



The Mayan prediction of world ending in 2012 may have marked a time when all humanity was given a chance to restructure their DNA, so that every atom in their body could attune itself to the frequency of Earth’s great central sun.  For if everyone did this, they could cast off all the radioactive and electrical toxins in their body, and spare themselves certain death upon the Earth at a later point in time.  This restructuring of the form is said to take roughly an eight to ten year time-span, about the same span of time if you were to begin this process sometime after 2001 to roughly before or after 2012.  Those who fail to do this will die, and be merged with other human forms, in a later life, who’s physical bodies will be capable enough to ascend with Earth, comprised of all of those ancient humans who perished during the early stages of Earth’s ascension, and who failed to let go of the pain and embrace the truth.  There have been people under hypnosis who have recalled past lives they’ve lived on Earth, they’ve also recalled going back ‘home’ to ‘soul groups’ within the after life, to reflect on their experiences with like minded beings, who share similar energy patterns as themselves.  Perhaps it could be these soul groups who are preparing to come back to Earth as one merged soul, to inhabit the bodies of these future giants.  Then it would make sense that these souls are preparing to incarnate as one being on Earth sometime in the future.  It is these physical bodies which humans will be reborn into, who will be the neo-magnon’s, the larger human forms, that will eventually become the giants of a distant and utopian future.  These will be the souls of you and I.  There process of coming about upon the Earth will be a form of resurrection,  just as Christ was resurrected after death, all souls present upon Earth at this time will become resurrected in this form in the future.  It will be the reintegration of divine consciousness, the opposite of divine conscious disintegration.  2012 may also have marked the end of humanities chance for change atomically and genetically, as this would only allow them roughly six to seven years, instead of the required eight to ten years needed, because it is said that Earth’s entrance into the star-gates leading to the Great Central Sun will reach completion between 2017 and 2018.   Just as in the images that I create depicting Adam and Eve, all life on Earth shall begin to illuminate once again from the inside out upon entrance into the fourth dimension.  But it will not happen overnight, it will take thousands of years upon completion, in which all life on Earth will appear as if a light bulb has been turned on from within their own bodies, and they will appear semi-etheric.  Just as in the time of Adam and Eve, Earth from a third dimensional experience will appear to be melting, and life as we know it today will not be able to withstand the extreme temperatures emitted during this time in the distant future, due to the abundance of fire and magma which will be present upon Earth.



It is only because Earth and her inhabitants have been misunderstood and pushed out of the conscious awareness of the Great Central Sun, that so much pain and darkness has enveloped our consciousness.  But now that the language of light, spoken of by the Great central sun transmissions, has once again been established upon Earth, humanity will see a joyous future ahead.  It is through the slowing down of the spreading of the cosmos that this great shift into concurrent evolution has begun.  Soon, the spreading of the cosmos will come to a complete stop, and concurrent evolution, or ascension will be in full swing, upon all planes of existence as the cosmos begins collapsing back in on itself.  However, this process of ‘going back home’ can only occur once balance has been restored between matter and light.  Like I said before, there are currently souls incarnate in human form upon Earth who do not belong in this dimension, and likewise, non-humans who do neither.  This is an example of the unbalanced energy between darkness and light, once there is balance again, concurrent ascension of the entire cosmos will occur in full.  This is the magnitude of change that is currently, and will be taking place in the not too distant future, and it is being brought about with the assistance of the Source of All, that being which the Great Central Sun itself emanates from.  Just like we are going back home to the Great Central Sun, the Great Central Sun is going back home to the Source of All.   This shift into concurrent evolution will bring about the end of linear time, and bring back holographic time, the blending of past present and future.  I am personally beginning to experience the effects of holographic time, as well as others who are currently incarnate upon Earth, whether they may consciously be aware of it or not.  Because spirit and matter have become so separated within this dimension, many stars and planets have undergone incomplete ascensions in the past, our scientists have come to call these supernovas,  but what they really are, are intelligent super-souls who’ve attempted to ascend into higher dimensions, but have failed due to an imbalance between spirit and matter.  This is due to the fact that matter has fallen so low in vibration, that it can no longer communicate with spirit.




Humanity is finally coming to terms with the karma that has been displaced upon Earth for the past six million years.  As all karma will be redistributed to their original points of origin, the very energy field of Earth will begin to transform, transforming time and space as we know it.  This will be the ending of what we have come to know as the ‘sacred geometry’ which currently holds our reality in place on Earth, and within the entire solar-system, it’s the sacred geometry of a world plagued by a mixed electromagnetic energy field.  Presently, all races upon Earth are of mixed electromagnetic energy signatures, but as Earth once again moves towards a unity based thought field, the mixture of human energies will come to an end, and this will be the demise of many who live on Earth.  It is known that the Native Americans, South Americans, African’s and Eskimo’s originate from the seeded red race brought to Earth millions of years ago from Sirius, which is itself a Star System magnetically charged.  So those races may fare the best in these times to come, due to the makeup of their original seeded energy fields, which was solely magnetic in nature.  However this is not to say they will not run into trouble adjusting to Earth’s changes, as most are still currently mixed with incompatible energy fields brought to Earth by the Annunaki and other non resonant beings from distant star systems.  Millions of years ago, the Annunaki created slaves who were more resonant with their electrical energy field, bringing about the mixture of DNA to the seeded red race, and the introduction of decay and death to the entire order of the Earth.  The seeded red race had originally established great Kings and Queens, who were the caretakers of mother Earth . . . they created an ice shield around Earth to prepare her for her next ascension into higher dimensions, however, a giant Annunaki Queen, known as Aphrodite, seduced a King of the seeded red race, and then murdered him in cold blood.  His body was cut up, and eaten by Aphrodite, and her Annunaki conspirators to attain the knowledge of the King for their own.  This was all for the life-extension of the Annunaki, as they desired immortality over ascension into higher dimensions, siphoning the life force of all inhabiting Earth for themselves.  This led to the Annunaki’s own insanity, because as they began hording more of Earth’s knowledge and life force for themselves, the ice shield the seeded red race created for Earth’s ascension eventually collapsed, sending Earth falling even lower in vibration than before, and making communication between spirit and matter harder and harder to attain.  It also introduced the seasons, and the infliction of shorter and shorter life-spans.  We can see that this destructive pattern of karma against the seeded red race has still been repeating itself in our more recent history, with the genocide of native peoples of the Southwestern United States by Spanish Conquistadors, and the destruction of the indigenous peoples of the Americas by British Puritans and American settlers.  However, the treatment of Earth by the Annunaki is only a smaller part of the whole reason behind Earths fall in frequency, or vibration.  It was another greater creator within our own plane of space-time, who utilized the Annunaki in her own incomplete ascension into higher dimensions.  As she did this, more of Earth’s chi was used in her own ascension than could be used to sustain Earth and her own lifeforms, causing their eventual decay and death.  This pattern is still seen today, as few live to be even one hundred years of age.  As Humanities longevity increases with time, their souls will ascend and grow, along with their physical bodies.  This is what I believe will happen when humanity moves up from just two to twelve full strands of DNA (36,000 segments of information).



In closing,  I would like to return to this information to post a future entry, but until then I recommend reading the material yourself, and gain a better understanding of the relationships between the physical and spiritual realities, and the path Earth and all life it contains therein is headed.