In her dreams (wip)

Antigravity is energized by her dreamy unconscious invasion, loosening the flora into an up-wind whirl wind by the dreamcatcher’s temptress.


Nobody wants to believe

What if we know nothing about our true history?  What if human kind has existed on this planet for billions of years, and our current generation is so far flung from those distant pre-flood generations that it seems like they never even existed?  What if our modern civilization as we know it has in fact preexisted in different forms, in eons past, they were just wiped out, and a smaller race of humans came later on to replace their very memory with their own temporary society, only to be wiped out again and again, and continually replaced by smaller and smaller generations?  Everything has always existed as it does now, only on a much larger scale.  I had a dream once that I was snooping around someones house, and I was not supposed to be there.  It was easy to stay hidden though, because the house was a giant house, with giant walls and giant chairs and tables.  I remember I could hear a giant lady walking around, I could hear her footsteps, and her shuffling, so I ran and hid inside a giant ironing table, built inside one of the walls, the house almost resembled one of those old Victorian houses from the 1800’s, but I knew that this house was much, much older, because from the outside it looked like one of those old cottages you might see in some remote European countryside, or a cottage straight out of a fantasy illustration,  and I had to journey through a wilderness that seemed otherworldly, until I reached its walls, which were built of giant stones stacked upon each other, in which I had to climb and then jump back down into the giant courtyard, decorated with giant flower-beds.  I also remember how the giant lady looked, she was quite pretty, and around 15 feet tall, with long black hair, and she wore a long gown or robe which flowed behind her as she walked through the cavernous, yet ornately decorated hallways of the house.  I was afraid to show myself for some reason, but I don’t know exactly why, I guess that is how most of my dreams are.   Does anyone else have dreams like this? Or is it just me?  Am I remembering something from the distant past, when I have these dreams? Is my subconscious mind trying to tell me something that my conscious mind is not realizing?  I believe so.   When the ancient Greeks came across the bones of Ajax, his knee caps were said to be exactly the size of a discus for the Boys Pentathlon, which would also make him around 15ft. tall when he was alive, so this lady I dreamed about, if she existed once in real life, would have lived either before, during, or after the time of Achilles, and Odysseus, and all of those other great, ‘mythological’ figures spoken of in Homer’s Illiad and Odyssey.  The Iliad  and the Odyssey are among the oldest surviving works of Western Literature, and I believe they may be older than we currently think.  Just listen to these names, for example; Penelope, Telemachus, Laertes, Anticlea, Tiresias . . . Heracles.  They may just sound like the names of ancient Greek mythological figures, but these are the names attributed to giants, because nobody is given names like these anymore.  I feel like I have lost all of my strength, and all of my life force.  And I may have once been great in stature, like these ancient characters which Homer once spoke of.  When I was a kid, and when I would create new super-heroes and sci-fi/fantasy character profiles, I would always take my ruler and carefully measure them out, making sure they were at least seven, eight or nine feet tall, because that was the height I felt that a real strong person should be, and not five or six feet, like most people are today, and sometimes, when I see an exceptionally tall person, I begin to feel envious.  I could also remember looking at all the other kids around me in elementary school and feeling like they were all a little bigger than me, but now I know this was attributed to the fact that I’m a naturally smaller person, I am what they call an ecto-morph.  I feel like I’m living in the physical body of some old, spiritually dried up, and shriveled apparition, that has lost it’s ancient life force, and now exists in a state of dormancy and confusion in this modern world.  My spiritual energy is locked away, and it can only manifest and express itself through this physical body in which it now inhabits.  I feel like I do not belong in this body, but I somehow ended up here anyhow, through the course in which society has taken throughout the epochs of civilization, in which I am indeed a part of but also separate from, and I just happened to end up in this situation I am in now, but I still do not know why, maybe this is why.  To tell you what I think and how I feel . . . yes, that must be why, to spread a message about our past, that nobody seems to want to believe.  But you have to want to believe, or else it will always seem like a fallacy in your own mind.