Out to the fields


Cain has grown into a behemoth, with gargantuan hands for tilling the soil.  Although he is clean-shaven, his entire countenance is more like that of a beast than a man, and he has been imbued with Gaia’s strength and ferocity, as the progenitor of the Wild Man, the Sasquatch and the Neanderthal.  He’s taken his brother Abel out to the great open field that he has tilled with his own hands, and they’ve begun to quarrel.  Cain has come to see him as a traitor, doing nothing to protect their birth-right from the predatory angels, so he picks up a mountainous boulder and splits Abel’s skull open, spilling out a stream of blood that is received by the bright green grass of the open field.


Reptillians and Ancients exposed


So could Reptilians have possibly been created by pre-flood titans, or giants?  Or where they created shortly after the flood to take on a kind of post-flood dominance over humanity?  And where they created by these giants to preserve some kind of divine knowledge that could have been lost, or fallen into the wrong hands after their race went extinct, or was the reason more sinister?  And finally, will this knowledge held by the Reptilians be retrieved by these giants when their race is resurrected?  This is similar to another story where there were reportedly giants living underground, who created smaller grey-type aliens who were equipped with their own flying disks.  One half of these greys brains were reportedly organic, while the other half was bio-mechanic, like super hi-tech computers in their heads, and they were all clones of each other, created for reconnaissance, and conducting human and animal experiments.  This video Has interesting information, other than the pro-Xian rhetoric, which I believe is false and misleading, it had good information overall.  Below is another one that includes Reptillians, astral dimensions and consciousness.




Religion, sacrifice and reincarnation constructs current reality

How many times can you read about children murdered in the Bible?  It’s not Satan who’s somehow behind these acts, it’s the perverted doctrines of Allah and that noxious Nazarene.  Satan once dwelled in our own bodies and minds, but as time went on, we shrank, and our brains shrank with us, and I believe this played a large role in Lucifer’s own imprisonment, and he became the enemy known as Satan. His power began being abused as organized religions were established, and secret societies of the rich and powerful began coveting his knowledge and holding sacrifice rituals, but they would not respect the demons, and they would abuse them by coercing them into working spells.  Satan and demons have been made to look like the bad guys so that we’re instilled with ignorance regarding their true nature.  Satan has been given a bad rap by these megalomaniacs who’ve been running the world, and I don’t think they are true Satanists, because I believe Satan wants to empower humanity, and all I see from these minions is just the opposite; terrorism, lies, and a inexplicable hatred for humanity, that is anything but Satanic.  I think they’ve been abusing Satanic power by sacrificing countless in the name of Jehovah, Allah and the Nazarene.  I believe the Abrahamic religions are the reason we have our Royal and papal bloodlines, and our Governments and celebrities sacrificing children and adults, so that this God can continue to feed off us spiritually, through reincarnation.  It was said those first humans who lived during the Golden age became demons after they died, and their descendants who lived during the Silver age, would summon them, and call upon them for spiritual empowerment.   Those first humans were the Titans, and Olympians spoken of in Greek mythology, and likewise, their auras were immense, that meant they had a richer connection to nature.  Today, this is no longer the case because we have become drastically shrunken, this greatly allows for the Abrahamic/blood-sacrifice/reincarnation connection that constructs our current reality.  It has also afflicted us with spiritual amnesia, this means that the current control system can get away with countless sacrifice of human life.   Some demons present a kind of malevolence when they appear to us, this is because of thousands of years of abuse at the hands fake Satanic cults, headed by people like Anton LaVey, who never acknowledged Satan as a living spiritual being.  I think these people serve a different God, these kind of people are simply too popular and mainstream for me to take seriously.  I think they only practice Satanism because its the only religion to practice if you want to get anything done spiritually.  That’s why the church is so against the practice of witchcraft and sorcery, these are forms of Spiritual Satanism, which was mankind’s original religion, all the way back to Adam and Eve, whom I am almost certain practiced themselves! it’s also the only religion guaranteed to wake the kundelini serpent.

http://www.angelfire.com/empire/serpentis666/HOME.html,  here is one of the few websites that give a clear picture of Satan that makes sense, and morally sound.