Ancient Sethite/Cannite Blood conspiracy


Tracing humanities roots down through the Edenic celestial bloodlines, to there sexual mixing with the Cannanite bloodlines, and all the post-deluge chaos which has become it’s aftermath.  This covers in great detail the spiritual as well as political side of this ancient blood conspiracy that we are merely witnessing the very tail end of.   Of infiltrating elite Sethite Sun-gods, and their gradual subjugation of Nubian and Cannanite bloodlines.


The Whole Story Of The Zionist Conspiracy


 The seventy elders, originally established under the governance of Moses, became the scribes who would corrupt the word of God, and turn it into the Illuminati of today; nothing more than figments of our imaginations.  The corruption that became the Illuminati can be traced back to the laws of ancient rabbinic Judaism, collected in the writings of the Talmud which was rife with hatred for all who were not Jews, this would later become a hatred of the general public by the Illuminati, who are the truest form of Jews in the modern world.  There was always disdain toward gentiles, they were always considered sub-human,  because in ancient times when the first Jews were born on Earth, Gentiles were originally a separate human species, apart from the original race of the Jews, whom cro-magnon and modern man partly descend from.  The family lineage which Adam and Eve had produced were a lineage not of men and women, but of incarnating archangels.  And the same for that of Cain and his descendants, however they became viewed today as the great fallen-angels, who’ve become demonic, through centuries of propaganda.  The entire patriarchal lineage from Seth onward were always the same race which Abraham would later lay claim to, it’s just that Abraham’s generation experienced a dire threat which needed to be addressed.  It was the birthright of Esau and all who were of gentile blood, as the first born, and so the inheritors of God’s kingdom originally established on Earth and in Heaven.   So they began a new campaign to keep their race pure, through forming an occult conspiracy to steal his birthright and give it to Jacob, thus inheriting the land and the laws which came with it.  But birthright also meant the right to the very act of birth itself, and how to manipulate it.  They also wanted Esau’s birthright in order to increase the number of their own births, and decrease that of Esau’s, so that over time, Esau’s kind would be bred out of most of the Jews, and the number of non-Jewish births would radically decline.  As their population grew, Christianity became despised and used for the purpose of serving their agenda of new order, that’s why they’re still trying to destroy Christianity today, and they have created a proxy religion in Islam to separate and divide the gentiles, pitting one against another through out the middle-east and the entire world.  They need continual human sacrifice 24/7, that is why there’s so many different ways to die, and viruses like Aids and Ebola have spread rampant.  The original Jews feared the original Gentiles because of their appearance, and fierce memory of the true creator that holds the universe together, but if gentiles were to ever again realize their old ways, it would mean an end to the corrupt Jewish arm that is Zionism and the N.W.O.  By nature everything the ancient  Scribes and Pharisees preached were laws based off their sacred geometrical physical reality, the way the Anunnaki try to enslave the minds of it’s offspring.  It was originally the self-proclaimed spiritual elite Anunnaki, who were jealous of the relationship between Adam and Lilith, who were the originally appointed King and Queen of Earth.  Their offspring became numerous and wherever they went, they were always preceded by giant screech-owls who’s shrill cries were warnings to all other creatures that the seeded red race were approaching, to perform God’s work.  However, the Anunnaki devised a way to take Adam away from Lilith, and create another wife for him, only this time she would be so pleasing to the eyes that simply her countenance alone could be enough to create drunken arousal in Adam.  Because of this Eve was able to seduce Adam, and she was successful in establishing the line of Seth, the lineage that the Jew in ancient Israel descended from.  It was the patriarchs of the bible who had to infiltrate the knowledge of the seeded red-race, and then reverse-engineer it to overthrow them as Earth’s caretakers.  As Earth began to fall down in vibration, from the fifth to the fourth and then third dimensions, communication between family members and between practitioners of white magic and practitioners of black magic became distorted and corrupt, to the point where one was continually contradicting the other.  This is what the Illuminati’s practices have done to the human mind, it has drowned a great deal of truth out of how we perceive Earth and the stars above.  It is the current human mind collective on Earth that holds the current view of how our cosmos appears in the sky, this is how vast and far-reaching the Anunnaki’s elaborate space-time puzzle has become upon our minds.  We’re still holding the sacred puzzle in our collective consciousness, but it has grown weaker and more fragile over time.  The ancient Israelis once knew who their creators were, and they worshiped them as such, but today, truth has been so distorted that it’s become lost altogether to our current perceptions of the world.  Both Jew and Gentile lost the genetic traits to properly interact with their environment; The Gentile at the expense of their freedom when the Anunnaki came to Earth, and the Jews at the expense of their super-ego prototype/clone stock, which succumbed to the general blue-print shaping civilization and Humanity today, the manipulation of Mother Earth and her children with incompatible electricity and radiation.


The duel opposition which stood between Cain and Abel was their spiritual allegiance to opposing Astrological energy grids.  The Annunaki scientists wanted more of an electromagnetic pattern, which required a more rigid environment of control, and separation, this was through fear based sacrifice of animals and humans, and a primal form of black magic.  Cain wanted to exalt himself to the same pedestal which his brother Abel did, it was his way of bowing down to Zeus, Father of Gods and men, who defied nature and defiled themselves in the flesh.  Cain saw that this imposing Anunnaki God which Abel worshiped was victorious over his mother Gaia, and in Abel, he had finally produced a son who could establish his Shekinah Glory upon the face of the Earth, to have it sprawl across her continents and etch her landscapes with stone, mortar, concrete, glass and metal, and to bind her ever down into the denser fourth dimension, through the separation of spirit and matter and the sacred geometry used in their erection, manipulated more and more over the centuries to suit their needs on Earth.  The hive/hierarchical mind of the line of Seth was needed to help run and maintain what the Anunnaki were setting up on Earth, to be the first Priests and Oracles to perform Dinosaur blood sacrifices to the Anunnaki, then later to become Kings and Queens, prophets and political figures, and soldiers and warriors.  This boded well for the Annunaki, because they needed a loyal race, who could mine, infiltrate and destroy Earth’s way of life without any regard for the spiritual life within, this set in motion karma leading to Abel’s own death, and the subsequent judgment of Cain.  Whereas Abel was more of a genetic byproduct of the off-world Anunnaki, Cain was more a physical by-product of the Earth, and thus more in tune with it’s magnetic and unifying force, he lived off the fruits, and vegetables, and not the flesh of the creatures.  I believe Cain was one of the Hecatoncheires of Greek Mythology.  They were giants of incredible strength and ferocity, with seven heads and seven hands, which were probably to till the soil and grow their gigantic fruits and vegetables.  Gaia loved these enormous beings, however their father, Sky (another reference to off-world Anunnaki) hated them for there hideous appearance, henceforth, he did not love them as he did his other sons.  Many don’t know that this story is just another version of the Cain and Abel story in the Bible, but told from an entirely different perspective.   What Cain’s kind practiced in contrast was a primal form of white magic upon the face of the Earth, on the largest scale.  The ice and water canopy which once enveloped Earth was a shining example of this, it was maintained by Cain’s race through nuclear reactors which were at both Earth’s polar openings, which then both lead into a unifying source within the inner-Earth, the Source of Life (SOL).  The misunderstanding between light and darkness, and good and evil, has been repeating again and again through-out history, with the castration of Uranus by Cronus and the birth of Anunnaki nymphs from his blood (such as Aphrodite and Thetis), the story of Jacob and Esau, the enslavement of the Israelis in Egypt, and even more recent still, the persecution and slavery of indigenous tribes by British and American settlers.  These are all shining examples of the spiritual warfare that has been going on upon Earth for Billions of years, it continues to be reflected in the coming and passing generations, and it can be traced back to a union between the male Anunnaki Prototype/Clone and the female ovum of Earth and her many children.