Richard Dawkins Interviews Creationist Wendy Wright


A History of God

I believe Jesus represented the state of humanity just prior to our modern state, on all levels; physical, mental and spiritual.  He represented the Cro-Magnon man, and their direct ancestors, who were all of greater stature, or what we might call giants.  The Cro-Magnon existed in a transitional mental state stemming from their direct ancestors, and resulting in our modern perception of the world.  This followed the original Decalogue followed by all Judeo-Christian churches and sects, and followed God’s ideals for modern humanity on all levels.   They became the ones fallen man of today must currently look to, as God himself incarnate through humanity, just as they themselves once worshiped the humans before them, who were even larger.  Giants should be looked up to as what we should strive to become, they should be worshiped as Christ-figures because they are the sons and daughters of God, and they are fully divine.  The Cro-Magnon’s transitional perception of the world culminated in the birth of a giant named Jesus Christ, who because of his size, and natural ability to master his own body and transcend its natural capabilities, became an abomination in the eyes of the church, so they crucified him because he stirred up too much political and religious upheaval, wherever he went. Our very foundations for man’s capacity for the supernatural crumbled when he was crucified.  Yet he was but one of many giants who understood that nature’s spiritual hierarchy was like a Monolatry.  Only through them could we learn the riddles of redeeming ourselves from the sins of Adam and Eve, because they were our direct line back to God, before Adam and Eve’s fall, and we were born unsuspecting of the sins they’ve left us with as their direct descendants.   That’s why all men of greater stature than us, the Cro-Magnon and larger, died for our sins automatically as Earth continued to expand and shrink their descendants.  Even in our current lives, we may still be having to undergo some karmic imbalance or conflict, which stems from a previous life as a Cro-Magnon.  The more we shrunk, the more impersonal and monotheistic God appeared to us, and the more Monotheistic religious cults began to gain more power throughout the world.  The true messiahs of our age have passed on, and their original practices have likely become distorted, to the point where corruption has greatly occurred.  But  it is ourselves that have become corrupt, awaiting our messiahs within a  reality that’s been distorting our original way of thought.  Maybe as our very universe continues to slow down its outward spreading, it could be preparing to collapse back in on itself and in the process rediscover itself again.  After all, we sometimes catch glimpses of God taking on other shapes and forms within the many professional fields we’ve discovered.  We need to receive all of these different forms in which he appears to us well, and use them to benefit our race, because those who are still deceived will not be able to see their Messiahs, and will not be able to help themselves see until it’s too late.  We’ve grown so numerous upon the Earth and become such fragments of our former selves which once dwelt in the Garden of Eden, that I feel a tragic genocide on a global scale might be our ultimate price if we fail to recognize the true Messiahs . . . only through them we can continue to follow on, on the right path to spiritual recovery, and not the deceptive path to spiritual infliction.  Our minds, and the diminished electromagnetic fields, which our shrunken bodies now generate, are no longer easily able to interact with the greater creator within nature. The intricacies of physical reality have become more numerous, as humanity continues to multiply and spirit and matter become more separated by the very geophysics of Earth.  It is true, that the thinner more pressurized atmosphere has been contributing greatly our shortened lifespans, because it seems to compress, compact and condense matter to the point where it seems to drain all spiritual life force out of it, our electromagnetic fields, which are being bombarded by positive and negative signals everyday.  It seems to have this effect on this invisible energy source, but it is signaled by the five basic senses, which are all based off physical reality, not spiritual reality.  If we could better see our spiritual reality, we could see the truth and we could bring balance back into our perception of the world, and obtain an inner peace.  Only than will life no longer appear to drain us of our vitality, and rob us of our energies.