The Mighty Men Who Preceded the Age of Homer

Three hundred ton armorclad hill-men once caused calamity and chaos within the Aegean highlands like bionic one man armies.  These were the heroes recorded by Homer in the Iliad and the Oddyssey.

Many, including Achilles, wielded 1000lbs spears with tungsten pikes that would cause large detonations on impact.  Today, it would take all eight seal teams or the entire marine corps to take out Achilles, Odysseus, or any of those other other bronze age heroes and highlanders who were recorded in extraordinary tales kept by our distant prehistoric ancestors.

Rotting corpses was a common smell among those highlanders of old, but for the ones like Achilles, it was one of the signs that told you that they were still due to appear. The remnant genetics of these mighty men trickled down into the Moabites, Ammorites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Hittites, Perizzites, Hivites and the Israelites. These tribes also possessed super human qualities such as prolonged life-spans and a heightened clairvoyance, however human size and strength had diminished by the time of Abraham, who could be taken out by just a small platoon or squadron of infantry.


The real God is the Esoteric God

Pope Francis and President Obama are ushering in an age of enlightenment, because they already worship the true God, the esoteric God, the god known as Lucifer.  By destroying the economy so they can put us in fema camps, and implanting us with rfid chips, they are destroying the old, and bringing in the new.  It is Shiva the Destroyer bringing a new age through science and technology, I am beginning to think the entire reason for the advent of modern technology was to bring about the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN.  It seems that the mark of the beast is technology itself, and nothing really gets anymore technologically advanced than the worlds largest and most powerful particle accelerator, and quoting CERN; The LHC is the largest machine in the world. It took thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians decades to plan and build, and it continues to operate at the very boundaries of scientific knowledgeI believe the Large Hadron Collider is the technological masterpiece that will free Satan from whatever chains he may still be bound to, and possibly only through this kind of technology can high demons access our realm of consciousness.  What Obama and Pope Francis are helping to bring is not new at all, it is actually very ancient, Obama and Pope Francis want not only a consolidated world government, they want a consolidated world religion, and the only God for a religion like that will be Satan, the God of idols.  Satan is the pagan God originally worshiped by humanity, long before the religions of Abraham came onto the scene, this is the God Abraham worshiped before he became monotheistic, and this is the God that was ripped off in order to create Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  As for Pope Francis condoning homosexuality, this only further shows how he is worshiping Satan, who is the God of nature.  Heterosexuality and homosexuality are both natural, but bisexuality is the most natural because it means those who are bisexual have a balanced soul, and I believe most people of prehistoric times were actually bisexual, not heterosexual.

There are people who are doing a very good job of fooling the masses, by misleading them into worshiping these false Gods in the Bible, Torah, and Quran.  As a result, we have society looking at Satan as the enemy, and damning themselves in the process.  This is why the word needs to be spread on who the real God is, so more can  redeem themselves from brainwashing scriptures of monotheism.

Satan has become an esoteric God, because how humanity once understood how to worship him is hidden in the pages of the Bible, Torah and Qur’an, in the form of encoded canons, and his many symbols, seals and sigils, which deal with black magic have been hidden in the wall decorations, and architecture of churches, synagogues and mosques.  There is also a lot of apocrypha not included in canonical texts, which many are unaware of.  This information deals with a lot of supernatural stuff, such as the book of giants, and the book of Enoch.  But these texts are simply describing a distant time in humanities past where we were much more in tune with nature, and much more technologically advanced.