There were Giants on the Earth; 2014 Prehistoric Giant Documentary


The prehistoric sacrifices on dinosaurs and humans have become principle canons by which the Bible, Torah, and Qur’an have all adopted into modern day scripture. I have read the bible, I have actually tried reading it all the way through a couple of times, and each time, a horrible event happened to me along the way, and I had to stop reading it.  After the second attempt, I came to the conclusion that it was demonic.  I felt that burning it was the best way to inhibit it from continuing to negatively influencing me, in any way, so that’s what I did, and I have never read another bible since.


Satan is the great deceiver!  That means he deceives EVERYONE!  He has deceived big religions into thinking they are worshiping God, but they are actually worshiping him! Humanity has been worshiping Lucifer ever since Adam and Eve were expelled from the garden of Eden, because the only way they could continue entering into the lower dimensions was through blood sacrifice of animals first, and then humans later on.  Once they fell out of vibration of higher consciousness, man and creature could no longer coexist harmoniously, and they would see the physical attraction that would lead them to lower heterosexual body birth. When man was first created, he was titanic, upwards of five hundred feet tall, It wasn’t until Enoch first prophesied the flood, and after the death of his son Methuselah, that man began shrinking to smaller, and smaller sizes, but those first men and women of Genesis were enormous, and so were all the animals and plant-life.  Not even the white noise of a waterfall could drowned their voices, or their footsteps.  Adam and Abel having to sacrifice animals to their new ‘God’, the murder of Abel by Cain, all of that was a consequence of turning their backs to God and going down the path to becoming satanic.  To see prehistoric man murder a dinosaur in cold blood would have been awe-inspiring and horrific to behold, all at the same time, for his strength was great, and he could kill a Tyrannosaurs Rex, like a strong man of today might kill a pit bull, but the bloody carnage, the noise and the sheer violence would have been tenfold.  Now that the magnitude of violence and bloodshed in sacrifice has been diminished, due to shrunken life-forms, continual war must be maintained by Satan to match the same level as those ancient dinosaur sacrifices.  And most of that bloodshed is happening in the same regions Adam and Eve first conducted their dinosaur sacrifices, which is in the areas of Iraq, Syria, and Israel.


Any animal killing another animal is not at harmony with it’s environment, these are creatures manipulated by Satan, for the sake of continual energy in the form of primal bloodshed.  They’re a manipulation of the consciousness which once shined bright as the morning star, and bringer of the dawn of consciousness. Once God had birthed these titanic and luminous creatures, they were in perfect locality within the dust of the earth, to breath full sentience into a divine work of clay, being possessed of the wisdom of the fallen inner-sun.  It reached perfect sentience, and then, swore five wills against God;  “I will ascend to the heavens; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of Mount Zaphon. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the most high.”  It was right then, the first race of humanity was born, and flourished for a short while, creating a civilization of splendor that would never be matched again, the Garden of Eden.


But just as it thought it might transcend its own nature, it began to fall out of sync, and further away until it would be cast down to the furthest abyss, bound in chains.  No longer able to send information faster than light itself, and becoming trapped in its own titanic, and ungodly flesh.  It became flooded with earthly desires, and traded its garment of light for garments of the flesh, so as to distinguish male from female.  And it began to preform abominable satanic rituals of primal sorcery, which began to feed off, rather than contribute to the right frequency needed, to maintain superluminal communication.  Earth’s axis began to tilt, due to a drop in Earth vibration, causing a drop in Earth’s consciousness, and the consciousness of all creatures living on it.  The seasons reflect this, because matter only becomes more dense with the colder seasons, introducing a new thought pattern of ‘fight or flight’ into all life.  A deep abyss of slumbering consciousness had befallen mankind in the form of death.  Lucifer, that morning star, which once shined bright upon the horizon, was cast down, into the pit of the Earth, and no longer in the company of God.  But just as it was cast down, it can be transformed, back into a great angel of light, and it will;  Once spiritual consciousness is brought back up out of its own material sense of existence, the fallen star that’s Earth’s great inner-sun, will again be at such a high vibration, all matter will be transformed sub-atomically, bringing the holy spirit back into the flesh, and destroying anti-Christ-consciousness.  Matter will once again grow to gargantuan sizes, then it will begin illuminating from the inside out, like an infinitely bright light bulb coming back to life.  And finally, matter will begin to dissolve, leaving only consciousness as the entire Earth itself prepares to combust into an entirely different dimension.  It will be like an infinitely bright light bulb gradually coming back to life.  It will be at this point the entire Earth will once again be in a state of utter perfection, and ready for ascension, as it was in the Days of Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden.  They’re state was one of such, that they could have combusted with the Earth, into higher realms of locality. Where they could have transcendent into the higher dimensions they came from, by elevating the level of superluminal communication within Earth back into an entirely different dimension, which exists on an entirely higher frequency of consciousness encompassing the entire universe.